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Does dressing up while working from home make a difference?



In light of the enhanced community quarantine set upon the Luzon region, various employees and industries are pushed to work at the safety of their homes. For some, like freelancers, this is a normal thing. But for others who are used to seeing cubicles and corporate walls, this condition might be something to get used to.

For employees who are used to working at an office, being at home is the main indicator of a job well done. It’s the time when comfort strikes as we loosen ties or take heels off, and put on sweatpants.
But now that home and the workplace has merged, are we even required to dress up for work? I know what you’re thinking. In a time of pandemic, do we still need to think of what we’re wearing? Fashion or style is among the unnecessary things many set aside in a crisis. But with a month-long stay at home for work, maybe putting a little effort on what you’re wearing (during work hours) may influence you to be more productive.

In a study done by researchers Joy Peluchette and Katherine Karla, published in Human Resource Development Quarterly, it states that people feel more trustworthy and competent wearing proper work attire.
Of course, wearing your typical blouse, skirts, suit, and tie may prove to be a tad much for the work from home (WFH) setting, you have other options to play with. Think Bea Alonzo in Four Sisters and a Wedding wearing a neat tailored top over her home wear while she conducts conference calls in her bedroom. Small style quirks like showing your work watch, casual mule, or dressy top can do the trick.

Here’s what happen when you dress up a little while working from home:

It’s like having coffee in the morning or a quick read of the news online at your desk, dressing up is part of the ritual that conditions you for work. It helps you build that mindset that you are ready to accomplish things and leave the feel of lounging behind.

Being at home can make one easily distracted. At one point you may feel like cleaning something or arranging your stuff. Wearing something you usually put on for work is a constant reminder of what you need to finish. It keeps you off from procrastinating, sitting around, and binge-watching your favorite shows.

With a WFH set up, the line between work and your life can blur easily. Marking a change by getting out of your pajamas in the morning to something that will remind you of work is a way to start. After work, slip onto something relaxed to make you feel that today’s job is done. It also sets a visual reminder to everyone you’re sharing the space at home. They’ll know when to consult you and when not to bother you.

A change of surrounding may be hard. But humans are designed to adapt, especially when crisis is happening. In our WFH case, sometimes it’s the little things that will make home feel like home and work feel like work.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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