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German Embassy rolls out #BAHAYnihanIsTheNewBAYANihan, and we’re all for it


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The #QuarantineSeason really got everyone’s creative juices flowing and we have seen everything—Tiktok compilations of first, second, third day on quarantine, memes that bang between witty fun and chaotic evil, DIY face masks, Innovate Your Sardines… the list goes on.

Speeding right past the clever department is German Embassy as it joins the call for social distancing with its campaign hashtag called #BAHAYnihanIsTheNewBAYANihan.

The message is clear: Staying at home is the best thing to do to protect each other right now, which is what Bayanihan is all about. Moping about being locked away in a not-so-shabby prison isn’t helping anyone.

The best way to practice social distancing is not just by literally keeping a meter distance away from every person in the universe, it’s by confining oneself, infected or not, in the comfort and safety of one’s own safe zone Think about it: You go out, contract disease from someone at a grocery store, infect everyone around you, the infected infects everyone around him—the perpetuating, vicious cycle of transmission goes on. It only stops once all of us do our jobs, and frontliners do theirs.

Not everyone, however, has the liberty to work or stay at home, but for those who do, you can spare these poor people the chance to get the disease by donating or volunteering in dissemination of information related to COVID-19 online.

Everyone should believe in the proactive power of quarantine and how it can make a huge difference in containing the outbreak. It’s a harmful world out there, for now, as the virus lurks around and transmits faster than Cardi-B could say “COroNAViRus.”

Source: Manila Bulletin

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