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LOOK: Children send heart-touching letters to our COVID-19 frontliners


In times where the pandemic COVID-19 seems like it’s unstoppable, our frontliners composed of health workers are facing this challenge head on as our first line of defense. These individuals risk their own lives to help those in need and to make sure to minimize the spread of this disease in the best way that they can.

To make them feel they are not alone in this battle, children are sending their handwritten letters to our frontliners, reminding them that they have our love and support, even if we may not be physically present. With the help of Landers Superstore, children are dropping their letters off at any of its branches. From there, in partnership with the Philippine Army, the Landers team delivers free food to different hospitals with the letters attached to the packed meals. 

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“Our chairman, together with the leadership team, thought of sending letters or notes together with the food packs with the hopes that this will be appreciated by our health practitioners and workers who are in the frontline,” Landers Superstore tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “The food will warm their stomachs and sustain their strength for the task ahead. The letters, we hope, would warm their hearts and let them know that we, the families and the children of our members, are thinking of them and cheering them on.” 

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One of the letters from a kid named Lucas, the young boy acknowledged health workers bravery and thanked them for their sacrifices. 

Dear workers, 

Thank you for your bravery and sacrifices for us. 



Isn’t heartwarming? Kids who want to send their letters may ask their parents to drop it to any Landers store.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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