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San Miguel revisits ’70s Nutribun for COVID-19 relief


San Miguel Corp (SMC) is bringing back its vitamin-enriched Nutribun to be donated to communities amid the shortage of supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The bun was first introduced in the ’70s to public elementary schools to help fight malnutrition. Now, the Nutribun will be among the brand’s food donations such as canned goods, coffee, and biscuits, which are given to LGUs, hospitals, and checkpoint areas.


“We will continue to step up and find creative ways to help the neediest and most vulnerable,” says Ramon Ang, CEO of SMC. “Panic will not solve anything. We have the means, we just have to work together to win this battle.”

The first batch of Nutribun will be donated to Caritas Manila.

Source: Manila Bulletin

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