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This coronavirus survivor has an important message for everyone


As the pandemic COVID-19 continuously spreads around the globe, the world is zealously working together toward finding a cure to this disease. But as professionals are still testing and seeking for medications and vaccines to totally eradicate this virus, have you wondered how the COVID-19 survivors are doing?

The good news is, more and more survivors are standing up and bravely sharing their experiences to inform and educate everyone about this virus. One of them is Seattle-based freelance writer Christy Karras. In a special article for The Seattle Times, she shared her story and other important details she wanted everyone to know.

How it all started

According to Christy, it all started with a fever, until she realized it was far from usual. “For me, it wasn’t the one-day fever I typically get with the common cold, but a fever that continued, off and on, for five days,” she says. “Which was weird for a generally healthy 40-something adult human.”

She also said that she knew where she caught the virus. “From a small gathering attended by my husband and several of my friends, a few of whom got sick, too. But no one knows who dropped it off. No one from the gathering was coughing or sneezing,” she continues. “Nobody knew the coronavirus had started to spread through the community.”

Knowing that something was off with her body, Christy and her husband decided to stay at home. “The fever subsided, but the crud hung on. I developed sinus congestion and headaches and eventually nausea. A pervasive brain fog kept me from working,” she says. “My husband and I felt a lot better lying down than doing anything else.”

Through the help of Seattle Flu Study, a swab test was done, and the result came back positive. “Aside from talking to my family and the people I’d come into contact with recently, I didn’t tell anyone about my test results for a while,” she says. “I was focused on getting completely well and getting my life back on track.”

Learnings to Impart

When she got back on track, this inspired her to tell everyone her story in order to help “alleviate fear and encourage others.” She created a list of things she wanted people to know.

You will most likely be fine if you get infected. Knowing that people are aware about the worst version of COVID-19, Christy said that she shared her story to make people feel at ease.

“My friends and I are recovered, or almost there. None of us had to be hospitalized,” she says. “The kids I know who’ve been exposed have emerged without a scratch.”

Help one another. Christy also encouraged everyone to help and assist “people of all kinds.”

“We all need to pressure elected officials, right now, to implement policies that will help those most affected,” she adds.

“We all need to help health care workers do their jobs by doing ours—and right now, our job is to keep each other healthy.”

She then reminded people not to hoard supplies. “Instead, practice good hygiene and social distancing,” she says. “Check in on your neighbors and see what they need, even if that’s just a conversation from the other side of the porch.”

Look after those who will not be fine. Due to limited testing kits (yes, US is also facing this dilemma), Christy acknowledged the fact that there are untested and untreated people walking around carrying the virus. “But rather than looking around at your fellow humans and wondering if they’re going to give you coronavirus, think about whether you might be the one giving it to them,” she says. “Try not to be that person. If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re not sick, know that you might still transmit it, so wash those hands, wipe those surfaces, and stay out of spitting distance from other people!”

To date, Christy is counting days off to her quarantine period. She’s also looking forward to hearing from medical professionals if having coronavirus and surviving it will give the survivor immunity against it in the future.

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