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What to do before entering the house if you went out



In these virus-ridden times, no precautionary measure is too much.

Maintaining cleanliness, practicing proper hygiene, and following measures like social distancing and staying at home (for those who have non-essential work) are important now more than ever. As of Saturday afternoon, the confirmed COVID-19 cases have risen to 307, with nine fatalities in total.

For those, however, who still need to go out like health workers, security guards, cashiers, food servers, drugstore clerks, bank employees, and call center agents, it’s best to be more thorough in minimizing the risk of bringing disease-causing viruses closer to home—literally. That includes being more mindful of the items that you carry from outside the house.

Here’s what you should do before entering the house if you went out, based on the United States National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 protocol.

Try not to touch anything
Wash your hands first or sanitize with rubbing alcohol.

Take off your shoes
Whatever footwear you have used outside, leave it at the entrance, along with the dirt, bacteria, and viruses it has picked up.

Disinfect pet’s paws
Your pet’s feet can be a carrier of disease-causing virus, too, so make sure to give it a bath after a walk outside.

Wash clothes worn outside
Immediately take off and wash outside clothes. The hotter the wash (at 140 degrees, to be specific) the better.

Leave items carried outside in a box at the entrance
Just like footwear, things like keys or bags can be carriers of disease-causing virus, so it’s best to leave those at the entrance, too.

Being outside likely means exposure to the novel coronavirus. Showering can help wash away any trace of it.

Sanitize phone and glasses
The novel coronavirus can live up to three days on surfaces. Your mobile phone and glasses are no exception. Make sure to disinfect these with alcohol.

Wash your hands
Handwashing is one of the best ways to combat disease-causing viruses. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds






Source: Manila Bulletin

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