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In effort to fight Covid-19, major film festivals across the globe are coming together for a 10-day streaming event on YouTube.

Dubbed as “We Are One: A Global Film Festival,” it is made possible by the collaboration of YouTube and Tribeca Enterprises, the company that brought Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Films that will be shown include those that were participants in major festivals in different parts of the world, such as Berlin, London, Karlovy Vary, Jerusalem, Cannes, Venice, and Tokyo.

We are one

“We often talk about film’s uniquely powerful role in inspiring and uniting people across borders and differences to help heal the world. All of the world needs healing right now,” said Jane Rosenthal, chief executive of Tribeca Enterprises. “‘We Are One: A Global Film Festival’ unites curators, artists, and storytellers to entertain and provide relief to audiences worldwide. In working with our extraordinary festival partners and YouTube, we hope that everyone gets a taste of what makes each festival so unique and appreciates the art and power of film.”

We Are One: A Global Film Festival” is set to run from May 29 to June 7. Aside from major films, the festival lineup, to be curated by each festival partner, also includes documentaries, music, and panel discussions.

Each film will be shown without ads, so to help Covid-19 relief efforts, viewers are encouraged to make donations. Among the beneficiaries are the World Health Organization and local relief organizations in each city.

The full schedule will be released closer to the event.

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