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Continue your DIY home projects

By Johannes L. Chua

Illustration by Ariana Camille Maralit

The extension of the enhanced community quarantine is not welcome news as the May 15 date is almost a two-month disruption to normal lives. But if that is what it takes to defeat a virus, then everyone has to cooperate and find the best ways to cope—and survive—this untimely break.

A lot of dads found it hard to adjust during the first few days of the lockdown. With idle time and to ease boredom, they decided to finally embark on projects that will repair, enhance, or remodel any part of the house. sad to say, hardware shops in the malls and around the neighborhood are all closed.

diy home-01

If dads want to repaint, they lack paint thinner. If they want to fix the faulty cabinet, they lack the nails. Or if they want to change a broken faucet, they don’t have the pipes.

A few days ago, the Facebook pages of various hardware and home furnishing stores roared back to life. Dads and individuals, especially those who have pending DIY projects at home due to the lack of material or equipment, rejoiced when they found out that whatever they need can now be purchased online and delivered at their doorsteps, similar to what restaurants, coffeeshops, and even bakeshops are now doing.

As soon as the online pages of Wilcon Depot, SM Home, AllHome, Ace Hardware, and True Value made the announncement, they were inundated with messages of “relief” from customers that, finally, they could order online (will this be the “new normal” when it comes to shopping? Time can only tell).

One dad was particularly delighted by saying he could finally have the three missing pieces of tiles that were lacking when he did a bathroom renovation. Ditto also with another dad, when he said, “I sent you the photo of the faucet I needed, we have (endured) water leak for days. Please deliver ASAP!”

The list of orders is extensive and exhaustive, including all nuts and bolts that make a house functional. There are orders for nails, water hose spray, toilet sink, CCTV device, Portland cement, LED bulbs, picture frames, among others. There’s even an order for chlorine tablets (is this sold at a hardware shop?). Some also send photos of the item they need, for “accuracy” purposes.

To help customers, all these brands have posted online catalogues of products available for delivery. For Wilcon Depot, for example, customers can check to find the product they need. After that, they only have to call the Wilcon Store nearest them. Once order is confirmed, the store will arrange a pick up schedule where customers can personally get it or let Lalamoves or Grab pick it up for them. It is that easy, like ordering pizza, pasta, or milk tea during this time.

For SM Home, you have to first download its ShopSM App, then follow the instructions (you might even be tempted to buy other stuff from the wide catalogue of SM). This is also the same with Ace Hardware, who arranged a “Call and Collect Service” via its website,

AllHome enhances the experience further. Customers can visit the website and they can chat with a “personal shopper” who can assist in filing up an order form.  The personal shopper will inform you of the status of your item whether it is for delivery or pick up. It is also easy with True Value, where hardware essentials can be delivered via your preferred delivery service. It starts by calling or texting a True Value store, and waiting for order confirmation. There are also various cash payments, but majority prefer online payment transactions for convenience.

Don’t get your hopes that high, though. All these brands have noted that not all their branches are open and some can deliver in specific areas only. There is also a cut-off time, so check the websites first.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to try messaging them (I saw they were responsive to queries online), and asking if the product or tool you desperately need is available. If it is, then just wait a day or two for its arrival at your doorsteps for you to finally continue—and complete—your DIY home project.

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