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Designer Edwin Tan creates PPEs for PAL flight attendants

By John Legaspi


Helping out by crafting personal protective equipment (PPE) is the new normal for many local designers. They have temporarily shifted from lush fabrics to water-proof, non-woven materials as protective gear has become essential for the function of frontliners.
Apart from health workers, airlines’ staff members such as flight attendants are also in need of PPEs as airlines prepare sweeper or repatriation flights for stranded travelers. With this in mind, fashion designer Edwin Tan crafted protective suits for airline workers attending to their passengers.

In his Facebook post, Edwin’s suits were worn by Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) flight attendants aboard repatriation flights organized by the Canadian government to ferry back stranded Canadians in the Philippines.

“We were called by our friends in PAL to come up with PPEs specially made for them, considering mobility, protective property, and aesthetics,” Edwin said. “For the suit, we used non-porous, non-permeable polyester material to ensure a high percentage of protection.”

For the first batch, PAL only required the designer to create a few dozen suits. But they are still planning to produce more, depending on the succeeding flights of the airline.

As representatives of the country, flight attendants should always be presentable whether they are wearing their uniforms or, in this case, protective suits. In his design, Edwin played with proportion and added a patriotic touch.

“The designer’s input would be the proportion as well as details to flatter the figure of both men and women staff. We incorporated the colors of PAL’s logo for subtle branding and easy identification of the wearer,” the designer said to Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “In this time of generic PPEs, I’m so glad that PAL shares the same desire to come up with something chic and, at the same time, something that will provide optimum protection to its flight crew and passengers.”

In a report made by The Manila Bulletin‘s Jun Ramirez, the Bureau of Immigration, through it’s port operation division officer Grifton Medina, issued a memorandum that immigration officers attending special flights should wear PPEs such as face mask, face shields, and protective suits. This is mandated aside from the strict practice of physical distancing and frequent washing of the hands. Wearing of PPEs is critical especially when working with passengers of repatriation flights from countries with high cases of Covid-19.

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