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Everybody, Eng Bee Tin now delivers frozen food

By Monica Araneta Tiosejo


Is your quarantine kitchen ready for more variety? If you have been missing Chinese food, you’re in luck! Eng Bee Tin has recently announced that they are ready for people to, once again, enjoy their favorite hopia and other delicacies. Through the website,, you, dear reader, can place an order for frozen food items that are available for next day delivery within Metro Manila. There is a flat rate of ₱160 that should be paid directly to the logistics partner. Don’t forget to confirm payment to ensure timely dispatching, and please also bear with the delivery guys for any delays. The company has recommended checking your delivery status. “On-hold” means you have not yet confirmed payment, “preparing” means your order will be delivered within the day or the next day, “out for delivery” means the order is on its way to you, and, of course, “completed.”

In the meantime, learn these frozen hopia reheating instructions by heart so you’ll be ready when your food arrives (Unless you got the custard type, which is better eaten cold). If you’re going to use a microwave, remove from the plastic packaging (no need to thaw), and heat for 30 seconds or until soft. If you’re going to use a pan, thaw hopia for one to two hours and grill each side for two minutes at low heat or until brown. If you’re going to use a toaster, thaw hopia for one to two hours and toast for five minutes at low heat. ‘Hopia’ enjoy!

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