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Hairstylists Jing Monis and Louis Kee share their tips on DIY haircut



With the extension of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in places hard hit by the coronavirus, our next trip to the salon or barbershop lies on the decision of the government to allow leisure services to operate. Even with the implementation of the general community quarantine (GCQ) in several low-risk areas, opening beauty and grooming services has yet to be decided.

Ang problema sa salons and barbershops, imposible ang social distancing diyan. Unless we have developed scissors na mahabang mahaba na hindi didikit ang nanggugupit ng buhok (The problem with salons and barbershops is social distancing in these places is impossible unless we have developed scissors that are so long that the stylist will be far away). This will be discussed,” presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said during a virtual press conference.

Many have resorted to cutting their own hair at home. As seen on their social media stories, actresses like Marian Rivera and Solenn Heussaff have taken the shears and hair clippers to take care of the unruly manes of their husbands. In some cases, a series of failed attempts to cut hair while in quarantine brought joy and cringe to many netizens.

To help you keep your hair in style, here are some pro-tips from hairstylists Jing Monis and Louis Kee to make your DIY haircut far from being a disaster.

Jing has been in the industry for 25 years. His advice for the gents is to the check shape of their head to determine how they would trim their hair.


Jing Monis

“Make sure you know the shape of your head,” he says. “Identify which side of your head is flat so you know how to angle your cut and make it look rounded.”

According to him, all you need is a comb, scissors, hair clipper, mirror, and a cape or towel.


It is best to section the hair from its longer area to the shorter. This can be easily be determined by following the direction of your eyebrows to the back of your head.

Select the hair clipper guard size you want. It ranges from number one (1/8 inch) to number eight (one inch). This will be used for creating buzz cuts and for fading the hair on the sides of your head. Number one to four is good for a complete buzz cut while the rest is perfect for a clean cut look.

Remember to wet the hair. Using the hair clipper, trim the sides based on the partition created. You may ask for help on trimming the hair at the back of your head. With scissors, cut the top part to the desired length. You can create texture by holding the scissors perpendicularly when cutting the ends.

Jing doesn’t recommend using any finishing products after cutting hair. “When you’re done, check all angles, front, back, and side and see if your cut is even,” he says. “If you’re just at home, you don’t need to use any product. It’s good to give your hair and scalp a rest from your daily products, or you can use argan oil or do some scalp treatment.”

Louis shared a few tips for the women who are about to put care for their tresses in their own hands.


Louis Kee

“You will need a pair of small scissors—not the kitchen or school stationary ones—to help you control the hair coming off,” he says. “For a touch-up on a current style, just lightly snip the ends. Less is more. If it’s still long way, you can always go back and take more off.”

His advice for cutting fringes is to do small snips. Determine the desired length and cut little by little. Take extra caution on wet wavy hair as it will be shorter when the hair dries.


Trimming long hair

  • Pull up a two-inch width vertical section and cut away from the front to the back and then to the side from the back on both sides.
  • Go millimeter by millimeter and don’t cut straight lines. Use point-cutting, which is where you have to hold the scissors vertically, not horizontally.

Cutting hair requires a professional touch to be done right and well. But since we are quarantined, doing tiny hair touch-ups at home is recommended. After our fight against the coronavirus, pay your hairdresser or barber a visit and show them how much you miss them. They’ve been out of work for almost two months.

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