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How to achieve Benefit’s signature brows at home


It’s been said that if the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the curtains that frame the windows. It’s no wonder that women and men (yes, more men today in fact) are obsessed with keeping their eyebrows in picture perfect form. Brows help in accentuating a person’s facial features, and perform several functions like shaping the face, highlighting the nose, and, of course, framing the eyes. Well-groomed eyebrows can also dramatically alter one’s appearance by making one look younger or more refined. To an extent, brows can even correct facial balance by bringing more symmetry to one’s features.

Benefit Cosmetics, an American beauty company specializing in insta-pretty solutions, has long been a proponent of well-manicured eyebrows. From professional makeup artists to beauty social media influencers, Benebabes (as fans of Benefit Cosmetics are called) swear by the brand’s signature brow services of waxing, tinting, and mapping.

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ national brow artist Czari Domingo

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines’ national brow artist Czari Domingo

“We have our signature brow mapping technique at the Benefit Brow Bar, which shows us the best brow shape for each and every client we have,” says Czari Domingo, national brow artist of Benefit Cosmetics Philippines. “We believe brows are as unique as each person’s fingerprint, so we never skip this step because it ensures the best results every time. I’ve even seen clients look 10 years younger, or even 10 pounds slimmer, just because they adjusted their brows!”

But with the extension of the enhanced community quarantine, how does one get their brows mapped? Fret not as the beauty brand shares the essential steps on achieving your desired designer brows. “In a nutshell, mapping helps you find the best starting point, arch, and tail for your brows,” she says. “The starting point of your brows should align with either the dimple or corner of your nose following the bridge of your nose for a nose slimming effect. The arch of your brows should follow a diagonal line from the dimple of your nose across the center of your pupil for a nice lift to your face. Lastly, your tail should follow a diagonal line from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This will give a face slimming effect.”

Czari with a client at Benifit Brow Bar

Czari with a client at Benefit Brow Bar

Once you’ve identified the best points from mapping, you can draw lines to connect the points together and establish your eyebrow border. This will help you shape your brows with precision by simply removing hair that goes beyond the lines. “You can even fill your brows out the way you would want them to look, and then remove any hair that goes beyond the perimeter of your filled-in brows to be absolutely sure you’re only removing the correct ones,” Domingo says. “Remember to take a step back from your mirror once in a while to make sure you can really see if your brows are still balanced and even.”

By just using at-home beauty products such as tweezers or brow shavers, a brow pencil, trimming scissors, and a good mirror, you’ll be able to recreate eye-opening arches in no time. Domingo does emphasize the importance of sterilizing your tools as you’ll be touching your face and acquiring the correct light when doing your brows.

“Stay by a big window in the daytime if your bathroom or bedroom lighting isn’t bright enough,” she says. “I don’t recommend magnifying mirrors as they just make you think you need to remove more brow hairs than you need to. This could result in overtweezed, or uneven brows. Some people also prefer to have ice or aloe gel around to reduce redness after removing the unwanted brow hairs.”

After you’ve achieved the shape you want, Domingo recommends massaging the brow area to stimulate follicles to produce healthy hair. Do this by using a clean spoolie. Brush the brow area several times every day. The beauty expert also highlights the importance of maintaining brow hair health by providing the same attention as you’d give your scalp. “Too much oil buildup from our moisturizers, creams, and face oils could clog the hair follicles in our brows, inhibiting proper hair growth,” she says. “To remedy this, I use our BrowvoConditioning Primer every evening after my skincare routine to rub off any buildup of skincare products on my brow hairs. It has nourishing ingredients like soy and keratin proteins, as well as massaging bristles that stimulate hair growth.”  

From 3D eyebrow enhancers to volumizing gels, Benefit houses the largest brow collection in the market today. The brand promises a brow product for any look you’d want. To achieve more natural brows, Domingo recommends Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil to draw hairlike strokes, and the 24-Hour Brow Setter as a clear waterproof brow gel to finish. “This product is amazing for setting brows for the whole day,” she says. “If you’re more used to powders or pomades, then you should definitely check out our products like Brow Zings and Ka-Brow as well.”

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