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Ikea shares the recipe for its famous Swedish meatballs

By John Legaspi

As the American journalist Kimberly Guilfoyle said it, “Swedish meatballs are to die for!” Who can blame her? Rounded spiced meat swimming in cream sauce spells for gastronomic heaven.
Gifting us another recipe to try out while on quarantine is furniture giant Ikea. Meatballs and Ikea both share a Swedish origin. In fact, Swedish meatballs, or köttbullar, are a crowd favorite at the Ikea cafeteria.
“We know that some people might be missing our meatballs, which is why we’ve released an at-home alternative which, using easily accessible ingredients, will help those looking for some inspiration in the kitchen,” said Lorena Lourido, country food manager at Ikea. “Staying at home can be hard, but we want to help make everyone’s lives that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Bon appétit or, smaklig måltid, as we say in Sweden!”

Serves 16 to 20 people


For the meatballs:
500 g. beef mince
250 g. pork mince
1 onion finely chopped
1 clove of garlic (crushed or minced)
100 g. breadcrumbs
1 egg
5 tbsps. of whole milk
salt and pepper to taste

For the cream sauce:
dash of oil
40 g. butter
40 g. plain flour
150 ml. vegetable stock
150 ml. beef stock
150 ml. thick double cream
2 taps. soy sauce
1 tsp. Dijon mustard


  1. Combine beef and pork mince and mix thoroughly to break up any lumps. Add finely chopped onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, egg, and mix. Add milk and season well with salt and pepper.
  2. Shape mixture into small, round balls. Place on a clean plate, cover, and store in the fridge for two hours (to help them hold their shape while cooking).
  3. In a frying pan, heat oil on medium heat. When hot, gently add your meatballs and brown on all sides.
  4. When browned, add to an ovenproof dish and cover. Place in a hot oven (180°C or 160°C fan) and cook for a further 30 minutes.
  5. To make the Swedish cream sauce, heat a frying pan and melt 40 g. of butter. Whisk in 40 g. of plain flour and continue cooking, stirring continuously, for two minutes, allowing the flour to cook through. Add 150 ml. of vegetable stock and 150 ml. of beef stock and continue to stir. Add 150 ml. thick double cream, two teaspoons of soy sauce and one teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Bring to a simmer and allow the sauce to thicken. Continue to stir.
  6. When ready to eat, serve with your favorite potatoes—either creamy mash or mini new boiled potatoes. Enjoy!

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