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Just in: Free Coloring Book from Manila Bulletin

By Jane Kingsu Cheng

Yes, we heard you loud and clear, parents! 

Over a month (we’ve lost count) into this lockdown, and we’re running out of ideas to keep our kids busy while simultaneously working at home and taking care of household chores. What to do?

Here’s an idea to keep our children preoccupied for a few hours while we focus on working. Manila Bulletin releases its 20-page coloring book for free. Just download the pdf file via this link, and print as many as you want. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 4.41.54 PM

Illustrations are done by Manila Bulletin’s group of talented artists, and it shows the adventures of the publishing house’s mascot Jeffrey the eaglet. See the world through his eyes, and color his world with materials you have at home. Here are some suggestions, from beginners to those on advanced levels.

  1. Regular bond paper with crayons
  2. Oslo paper with watercolor, coloring pens, crayons
  3. Sketch pad sheets with charcoal, gel pens, and coloring pencils
  4. Watercolor paper with watercolor
  5. Mixed media paper such as parchment paper, kraft paper, even shrink wrap paper with pentel pens, markers, and more

With so many options, even adults won’t be able to resist joining in on the fun. So, download now, start printing, and get creative.

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