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Kate Spade partners with Crisis Text Line to provide counseling for health workers


Globally, the fashion industry is stepping up to help combat the spread of the coronavirus, mainly by creating and donating makeshift personal protective equipment (PPE). In the Philippines, local designers rallied to gather materials to be used for the said gear and to produce reusable masks because wearing one when going out is now mandated.The medical grade masks are to be reserved for health workers as supplies are still running short.

In New York, fashion label Kate Spade sees another opportunity to help by teaming up with Crisis Text Line to give counseling and emotional support to healthcare workers and other frontliners. The brand is also committed to donate $100,000 to the cause so that doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners who are dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression can get counseling 24/7.

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“While direct aid in the form of medical equipment and financial support for hospitals is critical right now, equally as important, but often overlooked, is the human needs that medical professionals have,” Kate Spade New York says in an official release. “We are partnering with Crisis Text Line to provide crisis counseling and emotional support for our doctors and nurses so they can continue fighting for our lives.”

This is not the first time the brand partnered with Crisis Text Line. In 2018, designer Kate Spade passed away at age 55 due to suicide caused by depression. Since then, the brand has been actively supporting causes initiating better mental health.


Incidents of discrimination toward health workers have been reported in the Philippines in the past weeks.

Being exposed to ill patients, some medical workers are no longer welcome in their community and has been denied various services as people suspect they might be carrying the disease.

One medical practitioner in Sultan Kudarat experienced having bleach poured on himself, which has worried medical frontliners.

“Some healthcare workers may unfortunately experience being avoided by their family or community owing to stigma or fear. This can make an already challenging situation far more difficult,” says the World Health Organization. “If possible, staying connected with your loved ones, including through digital methods, is one way to maintain contact. Turn to your colleagues, your manager, or other trusted persons for social support—your colleagues may be having similar experiences to you.”

Just like Covid-19, depression brought by fatigue is an invisible enemy. Apart from the free goods and medical donations, we all could do more for our frontliners to help them heal and fight this battle.

We are all facing different challenges brought by the pandemic. What we must do is to set fear aside and spread kindness.

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