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Manila Hotel launches food drive for frontliners


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A lot of hotels have stepped up to the plate to be of great help in the health crisis, proving that everyone is worthy of their compassionate service, even at the industry’s most challenging state. One of them is the iconic Manila Hotel, which has since weathered a lot of plights through the course of 107 years, including World War II.

Manila Hotel sets an ongoing food drive called “Mabuhay Meals Food Drive for Frontliners” in motion to provide for frontliners and those who need it the most, igniting a call of action among individuals, groups, and organizations, like Rotary Club of Makati Central and University of the Philippines College of Law Batch 2007. The collaboration “Beat the Covid-19 Initiative” seems successful in its first run, having sent out over 10,000 meals and reusable personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontliners from UP-PGH, Ospital ng Maynila, Tondo Medical Center, and the Philippine Coast Guard.

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“We thank our healthcare workers and other frontliners for all their hard work and sacrifice amid our fight against COVID-19. We have launched the Mabuhay Meals Food Drive for Frontliners to ensure they are strong and healthy during these crucial times. We also want to express our utmost gratitude to our very own—our chefs, kitchen, operations, and security staff—for their selflessness in service as we donate food to hospitals. We are taking strict precautions in ensuring their safety.”

Not only is the initiative a way to give back, but also to unite people who are more than willing to help. The hotel has offered to manage donations and organize programs by opening registrations and hotline numbers for volunteers. People can call 852-700-11 or SMS/Viber 0998-950-1912 for more information.


For everyone’s assurance, the hotel implements a strict procedure every pick-up or turnover of the packed meals to ensure the meals go to the intended recipients. “The representative accepting the donations signs an acknowledgment form and we take a photo of their ID. We do full accounting of how many meals have been sent out at the end of each day, and give a status report to donors at an appropriate time.”





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