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Art portraits by JAY CADIENA


Quarantine is not easy for us teenagers, especially since we’re in that age when we are starting to find our true friends and experience many new things. But since we’re all stuck at home, the things we can do are very limited. 

We’re all missing our friends, wishing we hugged them as tightly as possible the last time we saw them, before social distancing became the norm. So now we are reminiscing on those times we could go out and travel with friends and family, spend hours on the beach or in the pool. But right now, all we can do is wait and hope that this will go away soon. While waiting, we must find things we can do to avoid boredom. So I asked 10 of my friends about what they do to make each day something to enjoy in quarantine.

I make sure to limit the use of gadgets in order for me to do stuff around the house. I like to work out, or to jog around for a little exercise. I also do stuff with my family, which makes it fun instead of just being bored. —Troy Nagata, 12


Watching movies and TV shows, working out, eating healthy (mainly because there’s nearly no more food), playing the piano, and playing with my family. —Wanda Marquez, 13


Don’t spend too much time on your phone and try new things. —Lexine Noche, 13


For me, I just think of a way to make me happy. The things I do depend on my emotions and for me to enjoy every day in quarantine, I just have to understand myself so that I can do the things I love. —Audrey Oreta, 12


I watch anime, play my switch, or draw. —Jay Cadiena, 13


I enjoy each day in quarantine by trying to get out of my comfort zone and trying new things. —Kyle Ogario, 12


I make sure I spend time with my family and hang out with my siblings and cousins. —Ayessa Galang, 13


We can surely enjoy the day while in quarantine by just doing the things we want to do. Of course, we have to be alert against the hazards since Covid-19 is everywhere. I enjoy my days in quarantine by just spending time with my family, playing games and cooking with them. —Brix Tolentino, 13


In order not to feel bored, I just watch some movies and scroll through TikTok and Instagram. In addition, I play volleyball.  —Julliana Fajardo, 13


Be productive and exercise. Don’t stay in bed. Do something different every day. —Lucia Lucas, 13


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