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Ready-To-Cook Potato Corner Fries with Flavoring Are Finally Available

After a month at home, we’re willing to bet you got your indoor exercise routine down pat. Whether you keep it to simple stretches on your yoga mat or creatively use house items as alternative gym equipment, you deserve a treat. Actress and activist Jameela Jamil recently tweeted, “If you want bread, have some bread. It’s a global crisis, frankly do whatever makes this easier: …eat, sleep, repeat. We don’t need to come out of this thin, we need to come out of this alive. That’s our only job. Stay safe. Be gentle with yourself.” Wise words!

Take a break and reward yourself with a proper cheat—fried carbohydrates! Of course, top of mind is to munch on crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside golden French fries. Lucky for you, Potato Corner has joined the ready-to-cook food bandwagon, and is selling kits, which is basically like having your own fry kiosk at home!

The Cook At Home Fries Kit costs P699 and comes with a bag of frozen fries (2.5 kg.) and one pack of your choice of flavoring (220 g.).

Don’t be a couch potato, but just so you know, every day can be “fry” day!

To order, text your name, order, and delivery address to (0906) 005 0579 and (0947) 381 0359. Note that delivery will take two to three days upon order confirmation.

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