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Serenitea Brews Home Kits so You Can Make Your Own Okinawa Milk Tea at Home

By Shennah Romanillos

The milk tea craze is evident with the abundance of shops in the Metro. “Tara, milk tea,” as people often say is almost as common as hearing, “Kain po (Let’s eat).” Both are invitations to imbibe delicious things—good food and company.

Bubble tea, pearl tea, whatever you call it, is a go-to drink especially popular among high school and college students after class, and office workers during break time. If you’ve tried making whipped coffee during this quarantine, why not try making milk tea? After all, you can still say “Tara, milk tea” to your family and enjoy their company within the safety of your home.

Serenitea just announced on Facebook that they will be releasing DIY Milk Tea Kits. “Wish you could recreate Okinawa Milk tea at home? Now you can!” the post stated. “You can grab our Okinawa Milk Tea Home Kits and #HaveAMomentOfSerenitea this ECQ.”

Choose among Okinawa Milk Tea Kit A, B, and C. Okinawa Milk Tea Kit A has three-in-one milk tea sachets, Okinawa Milk Tea Kit B has milk tea sachets and uncooked pudding powder mix, and last but not the least, Okinawa Milk Tea Kit C has milk tea sachets and a jar of ready-to-eat nata de coco.

Each kit can serve up to 15 people for at least two weeks, except, of course, if you and your family have extreme milk tea cravings.

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