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‘The Letter for the King’ is another fantasy world worth exploring


You probably wanted to watch Game of Thrones with your younger siblings because, well, who doesn’t like Medieval-themed stories with knights and wizards, with swords and magic, and dragons, right? But you couldn’t because, uhm, you know how GoT was. Not being a prude or anything, but the beloved series was never suitable for work nor for family film viewing night.

Worry not, because there is a new show out there that might just be the Medieval-themed fantasy you can enjoy with your family—and no, it’s not The Witcher.

As the whole world prepared to weather the ongoing pandemic, Netflix quietly premiered a series called The Letter for the King. This six-episode series, inspired by the classic 1962 Dutch novel De brief voor de Koning by Tonke Dragt, tells the story of a young aspiring knight named Tiuri (played by Amir Wilson), who finds himself in the middle of an unfolding plot by an evil prince named Viridian of Unawen (Gijs Blom), who has magical powers.

Courtesy of Netflix.

Courtesy of Netflix

Tiuri, who has enough problems of his own because his adoptive dad wants him to be a knight but he just doesn’t seem to have the strength to be one, is forced on a mission of paramount importance: to deliver a secret letter to King Favian of Unawen, who lives across the Great Mountains miles away from the Kingdom of Dagonaut.

It’s an impossible mission for an unlikely hero, which is the start of many a great epic, really. And The Letter for the King doesn’t disappoint in delivering a masterful story, although it will leave you wanting for more. After all, six episodes isn’t enough to tell the entire tale, so you would have to wait for the next season to come out. As of this writing, Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed if there will be a second season for this series.

In the meantime, to get you even more hyped for The Letter for the King, you can watch the trailer below or you can just start binge-watching the six episodes of Season 1 that’s already available on Netflix.

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