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This At-Home Manicure Kit Is Flying Off the Shelves — and It’s Earned Perfect Reviews

If your nails are looking a bit dull right now, one buzzy L.A. salon is making it more achievable than ever to get a high-quality mani at home. Olive & June’s manicure kits are brilliantly designed boxes that come with all the necessary tools to trim, shape, treat, and paint your nails like a pro — and shoppers have already taken notice.

According to WWD, Olive & June’s expertly curated manicure kits have seen an eightfold increase in sales in recent weeks. That’s a fitting stat, considering more and more people are tending to their nails at home these days. That means if you also want to get your hands on a mani box, you’ll want to act fast: The demand is definitely there.

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Olive & June’s at-home manicure kits are available in four variations, and the main difference between them is the number of polishes that come with each. The $50 Studio Box, for example, includes all the key tools, like a nail polish remover pot, nail clippers, a buffer, a polish of your choice, cuticle oil, and the brand’s game-changing polish bottle handle, which makes painting nails faster and easier.

Buy It! Olive & June The Studio Box, $50;

If you consider yourself a mani maximalist, the Everything Box that comes with six polishes or the Treat Yourself Box with nine bottles might be more up your alley. Plus, for a limited time, these options (as well as the Studio Box) come with an additional free polish just for making a purchase. (If you already own all the colors you need, skip the additional lacquers and opt for the Tool Box instead.) 

A quick glance at the reviews will 100 percent convince you to snag this kit if you aren’t convinced already. The curated boxes have earned five stars across the board, with shoppers writing that the cuticle oil is a miracle and that the polish lasts, even with all that extra hand-washing.

Whether you’re looking for an easy at-home nail solution or a fun activity to do while you’re chilling on the couch, these manicure kits have you covered. Shop them below.

Buy It! Olive & June The Everything Box, $80;

Buy It! Olive & June The Treat Yourself Box, $100;

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