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This tool identifies which hospitals urgently need medical supplies to combat Covid-19

By Angela Casco

The months-long fight against the local coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) outbreak has brought out the hero in all of us. From restaurant owners cooking free meals for frontliners to off-duty doctors delivering donations, many have helped in whatever way possible in the hopes of beating a virus—one that has already infected over 7,000 Filipinos—for good.

This is what a new mapping or listing tool hopes to do, too.

A collaborative effort of Switchboard PH, Vector, and, and online information hub Help From Home, the online visualization tool “allows those of us at home to help in supporting those that aren’t.”

“[We have] come up with a tool that visualizes demand and supply data of hospitals nationwide,” the group writes in a Facebook post, referring to centers attending to Covid-19 patients. “This will aid individuals and organizations in providing and distributing supplies more efficiently to hospitals in need.”

The tool shows hospital needs and fulfillments in two ways—a list or a map—through a page in the group’s website,

“The tracking list uses color and progress bars to visualize the data,” the group explains. “The heat map, meanwhile, uses both color and the size of the circle on the map—the bigger the circle, the more supplies needed.”

As of writing, 59 hospitals across the country have been listed or mapped into the tool, along with information about the quantity of face shields, personal protective equipment (PPE), and test kits needed.


ONE CLICK AWAY Donors can easily figure out which hospitals are still short of necessary medical supplies to treat Covid-19 patients through a tool that lists (top) or maps (bottom) all these data in one website page


Should any user know a hospital that is not yet part of the tool, the group hopes that they can be informed and messaged through their website,

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