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Turkey uses national cologne to fight coronavirus


The spread of the coronavirus has forced everyone to follow strict sanitation routines, ranging from hygiene to home cleaning. This also caused a shortage of disinfecting essentials such as rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers, which led many beauty and food companies to convert their factories to produce the much needed sanitizers. In Turkey, people leaned toward tradition to keep the novel coronavirus off their hands while smelling great.

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Kolonya, which means “cologne,” is considered Turkey’s national scent. It has been used by the Turks since the Ottoman period. A symbol of hospitality and good health, the cologne is sprayed on the guests’ hands before they enter hotels or houses. What makes kolonya relevant today is its anti-Covid-19 aspects.

The cologne is composed of ethyl alcohol (between 60 and 80 percent), water, and mixed with natural scents derived from fig blossoms, jasmine, rose, or citrus ingredients. It was also championed by Turkey’s minister of health Fahrettin Koca to combat the pandemic.


Kolonya is effective at protecting against coronavirus because when it contains at least 60 percent alcohol, it breaks down the virus’ hard shell,” said Dr. Hatira Topakli to BBC. “[Kolonya is] additionally effective because it’s something that many people already have. It is a part of their daily routine. They don’t need to learn a new way to protect themselves against this virus.”

When the cologne was first imported from Germany, it opened up new methods of scent-making in Turkey. Other scents were later added to the imported perfume, creating a uniquely Turkish product.

In recent reports, Turkey’s health ministry reported 99 deaths on Sunday, its lowest death rate in two weeks. 898,742 individuals in Turkey tested positive for Covid-19.

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