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Vietnam has had no new reported Covid-19 cases for four days now—here’s how they do it


As of this Monday morning, April 20, Vietnam has maintained an impressive streak of unchanged tally among increasing Covid-19 cases per day all over the world. For the fourth consecutive day Vietnam has not recorded any new cases, which remain at 268, with 202 recoveries and 66 active cases from the total number of 205,253 tests conducted in the country, according to The Vietnamese Times. A woman from Hanoi is the last reported case, who tested positive again three days after she was discharged from the hospital.

“So far there has been no new hotspot of new coronavirus transmission in the community, which is a positive sign,” says Tran Dac Phu, senior advisor at the Public Health Emergency Operations Center under the Health Ministry. “I insist, however, that we are not allowed to let our guard down.”

It’s not a secret how Vietnam’s infection rate seems remarkably low despite limited funds for mass-testing, medical equipment, and resources. The proactive response and low-cost yet sustainable methods have been great drivers in flattening the curve in the country as the world enters another month of the pandemic.

Vietnam’s Health Ministry has been lauded for its urgent dispatches on prevention among government agencies, hospitals, and clinics nationwide at the initial phase of the outbreak, even before the country faced its first case. The national government organizes National Steering Committee on Epidemic Prevention the same day as WHO officially declares the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern. Aside from wide dissemination of information through websites, teleconferences, and mobile app, it has also installed mobile disinfection chambers around crowded areas and medical institutions that can accommodate up to 1,000 people per day. Vietnam also has to impose major-scale lockdowns for weeks following a small ratio of cases and recoveries.

Underlying factor greatly lies, however, in the country’s nationalism. In a Covid-19 timeline analysis by The Diplomat, the Vietnam government “has framed the virus as a common foreign enemy and called on the unity of the population to defeat it, echoing the enduring history of a nation always threatened by foreign invaders.” Public sentiments have gone to great lengths to even “villainize” people returning from abroad from carrying potential risk of the virus, which doesn’t necessarily require ostracism but rather stern quarantine measures.

These strategies that make for Vietnam’s diplomatic achievements bring partner countries such as Cambodia, Laos, US, UK, and Spain together to fight the outbreak in solidarity.



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