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BayaniHands: A new face of solidarity that safeguard the country in these trying times

The Philippines is no stranger to calamities and natural disasters, and it’s inspiring that no matter what hardship, Filipinos never fail to find a silver lining in every situation. Now that the country continuously grapples with a pandemic and the end is nowhere in sight, people could all use some hints of hope and encouragement told through stories of bayanihan.


With everyone left with no choice but to stay confined in their homes, people have started to adapt to new ways of letting each other feel the love no matter what the distance. This sends a clear message that love sometimes comes disguised in the words ”Mag-iingat ka,” and “Huwag mong kalimutan maghugas ng kamay.

And perhaps the sense of touch can be felt even if people are apart. In these crucial times when everyone is looking for their own little ways to help others survive the pandemic, hands are used to craft and send out words of appreciation to everyone, especially the frontliners. Hands are what strum the tune for artists and musicians hosting their fundraising campaigns to help vulnerable families. Hands are what carefully pack pieces of relief inside a bag that will be distributed to those in need.


Thus, the formation of the word ‘BayaniHands’. As an advocate of handwashing for more than 50 years, Safeguard Philippines partnered with the Philippine Red Cross to launch the P&G Safeguard BayaniHands Project as it continues to remind every Filipino household of the vast importance of clean hands.  


The Philippine Red Cross is among the local organizations with full implementation of efforts to help curb the rapid spread of coronavirus in the country.

Through a new video in the tune of the classic song Liwanag sa Dilim by Filipino band Rivermaya, Safeguard depicts real-life scenarios of BayaniHands—or how Filipinos encompass distance to bring help to communities hand in hand.

The video is also Safeguard’s way to laud and acknowledge the unparalleled sacrifice of frontliners, especially those in the medical field, whose hands have done more than enough care and sacrifice for patients recovering from the highly contagious disease.

Unleash the BayaniHands spirit and live life with clean hands while helping the frontliners at the same time through this link: Every peso you donate through Lazada will be used by the Red Cross to purchase equipment for healthcare frontliners.

Join Safeguard’s advocacy for proper handwashing and be safe and protected from disease-causing viruses. For more information, check out Safeguard’s latest video and visit

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