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ICYMI: Drink in Good Vibes Only With the New Starbucks Tumblers



Heat, sweat, and thirst—all the signs of summer are here and are as clear as the days are long. Our part of the world is tilted closest to the sun, so we get direct hits from the rays. While at home during quarantine, we can’t help but look back at beach days with a tall glass of our favorite fruity beverage in one hand and a selfie stick in the other. Think about it. What is summer without a bright selection of drinks that are refreshingly icy, sweet, or zesty concocted to quench one’s thirst? Not only do they taste good, but they also look good. What a treat!

16oz COLD CUP PEACH CHARM TUMBLER_tcm70-60550_w1024_n

16oz Cold Cup Peach Charm Tumbler

16oz GLASS PINK WITH WHIP MUG_tcm70-60547_w1024_n

16oz Glass Pink with Whip Mug

With that, Starbucks unveiled its latest products highlighting these good vibrations. Flavorful Fun is a 10-piece collection of mugs and tumblers inspired by summer fruits such as pineapples, strawberries, peaches, and lemons captured in beaming colors and a campy aesthetic—just look at the popsicle-designed mugs!

10oz POPSICLE WITH LID MUG_tcm70-60546_w1024_n

10oz Popsicle With Lid Mug


17oz Pineapple Waterbottle with Carrier

16oz LEMONS TUMBLER_tcm70-60552_w1024_n

16oz Lemons Tumbler

It’s an order of escape. If you like piña coladas…then this collection is for you. Flavorful Fun is now available in stores but supplies vary. It is definitely something to look forward to once the quarantine in the metro is lifted. Cheers to summer dreaming!

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