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PH Food Delivery Network connects you to a web of food suppliers for your daily needs

Interview by JOHN LEGASPI

Delivery service has been a key to survival these days since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). It helps minimize outdoor activities to keep the spread of coronavirus at bay. It also brought out unlikely heroes who put their lives at risk just to bring supplies to people’s doorsteps.

Another thing is that delivery service is helping many struggling businesses to make a living during the pandemic. Since stores and restaurants aren’t open, refocusing operations with the help of delivery couriers is the way to go in keeping things running.

Consumers are now bombarded with information about food delivery. To have a more organized approach, husband and wife Stephen and Aimee Lorraine Keh-Lee created a free service to help you get your food needs through PH Food Delivery Network.


“With a family of three kids, we easily run out of food and groceries. Like everyone else we constantly get all kinds of food posts in various Viber groups here and there, but it’s unorganized and hard to find what we need when we finally want to order. Searching in Viber is difficult for those on Android and next to impossible for those on iPhones. In the meantime, businesses are also losing their customers,” says Aimee. “So we realized that there was a need to help buyers find what they want when they need it, while at the same time making it easy for sellers to post their offerings. Hence the idea for PH Food Delivery Network was born.”

To know more about the food delivery network service, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle chats with Aimee Lorraine Keh-Lee as she discusses how the PH Food Delivery Network operates and its importance to both customers and entrepreneurs.

How does PH Food Delivery Network works?

PH Food Delivery Network is a bot that connects customers with sellers on Viber. It allows non-tech-savvy business owners to post their products and contact details while, at the same time, allows buyers to quickly find what they need when they need it. Everyone now receives hundreds of Viber messages a day so it’s hard to find the food contacts they need. This is why the bot allows customers to search for anything they are looking for, and also allows sellers to add their own products just as simply as a Viber post. This service is free to both customers and suppliers. Posting and searching on the network is free to support SMEs. Stephen and I want SMEs to keep them running their businesses, and for customers to stay home.


How many suppliers and buyers are in the network?

There are over 100 suppliers and over 500 users who have joined within one week of launching the service.

How can people access it?

They can type on the browser of their mobile phone or tablet to be redirected to the Viber Bot.
Current buyers and sellers who are members are encouraged to share it with their friends to grow the network faster. The larger the network the more beneficial it will be for both customers and suppliers.


What would be the advantage of using the food delivery network?

For buyers, it is difficult to search for food when they want to because you don’t know where it is anymore. If it was sent several days ago, it has already been buried under so many messages then. If you also don’t remember which thread it was in, the search function on Viber does not really help. PH Food Delivery Network helps buyers with that. With a tap of a button, all the possible food sellers who are offering what you are looking for will appear and will allow you to view and choose from there.

For businesses, many want to capitalize on the power of the internet but it is difficult to make people remember a URL or ask them to download another mobile app. So instead of making people come to them, sellers can now go to where everyone already is. PH Food Delivery Network works on Viber, which everyone is already using. Even without much internet skills, sellers can add their offerings to PH Food Delivery Network just like a simple Viber post and, more important, get found easily by potential buyers when they need it. Many sellers just post on various Viber groups but after that first exposure customers don’t know where to find their contact anymore. But with PH Food Delivery Network people can still find them anytime.


Now is the best time for small businesses that have the ability to adjust faster, to be discovered. My husband and I believe that because the ECQ will most likely start a new normal in Filipinos’ lives. The relationships that these suppliers will form now will last long after the quarantine.

Note: PH Food Delivery Network is a free directory, and all transactions are made directly between customers and suppliers. PH Food Delivery Network is not liable for any transactions made between users.

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