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You can help the Philippine travel industry rise again by taking this survey


The travel and hospitality industry is currently facing an economic downturn, and its fate post-pandemic lies in the hands of tourism stakeholders and positive government intervention.

Led by the Department of Tourism (DOT), an early risk assessment is being conducted to help the industry tide through the crucial times and come out stronger on the other end regardless of uncertainty. One solution calls for a “new normal” to take place once the lockdown is lifted and moving forward, encompassing regular sanitations, inspections, gradual operations, and facilitation of digital systems at hotels and other tourism establishments.

These implementations and many restrictions alone, however, lack substance in bolstering recovery—the general preferences and mindset of customers in the tourism landscape should also be discussed.

Domestic Travel Sentiment Survey - Social Media Post_FA-01

As part of a thorough research to forecast travel plans and trends, the big players in the travel and hospitality industry composed of the Philippine Hotel Owners Association Inc. (PHOAI), Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA), Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP), Tourism Congress of the Philippines (TCP), Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA), Philippine Travel Agency Association (PTAA), Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Tajara Hospitality, and with the support of the DOT and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB), released the Domestic Sentiment Travel Survey.

The survey, initiated by Filinvest Hospitality Group through Chroma management company, will help the stakeholders understand better the real sentiment of the local market in terms of their travel plans, such as issues concerning safety, accessibility, and practical flexibility (discounts and relaxed cancelation policies). “The results will give us a better gauge on how to move forward and adjust to the dynamics of this market with the new norms and guidelines in place,” says James Montenegroof Chroma Hospitality.

These participating organizations are circulating the survey through their social media channels and direct emails until May 22.

Access the survey through

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