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Are you ready for the new phase of beauty?



Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, in one way or another. New work arrangements, banned gatherings and social events, fewer cars on the road, endless video calls, more at-home DIY’s, online everything, and less overall spending are the ways that society has changed with Covid-19 around. Unfortunately, nobody knows how and when this will end, or if it ever will. Because of this uncertainty, businesses have to adapt fast. The beauty and aesthetic industry is no exception.

Since the pandemic began, it has not been business as usual. The metro has been in a pause for more than two months, and a lot of companies had to adjust and adapt quickly in the changing social and economic environment. With the sudden shift into the new normal, consumer behavior has also changed dramatically as they are now turning into digital technology in the temporary absence of malls, gyms, coffee shops, and stores. In the beauty and aesthetic industry where in-patient services are paramount, virtual visits, continuous online presence, contactless product sales and deliveries, and at-home self-service skin treatments have quickly transformed the landscape. While these cannot replace the full range of services that a dermatologist and a clinic can provide, the transition to digital avoided business interruptions by continuing to offer and reach out to patients for support, care, and advice on their own online platforms.

Can the industry cope with Covid-19 around? As the country prepares to ease the quarantine in stages to let the economy breathe, stringent safety guidelines and cleanliness protocols across all industries will continue until a vaccine becomes available. As beauty and aesthetic clinics prepare to reopen their brick-and-mortars soon, new measures have been placed for patients’ and employees’ health and safety inside clinic premises. Entering this new reality, employees are now equipped with protective gear, trained on customer handling from pre-screening to evaluation and monitoring, updated on new procedure and treatment guidelines, taught on self-checking symptoms, and informed on other housekeeping protocols. Clients, on the other hand, are only allowed on scheduled visits. Pre-screenings are triaged to check the client’s medical history and for identifying case severity, as virtual visits will still be preferred for most cases. Practitioners will only allow in-patient consultations and services for urgent and chronic or critical cases. Foot baths, temperature checks, and personal protective wear are ready and waiting for customers even before entering the premises. Other protocols include a room redesign, regular disinfections and sterilizations, employee shift rotations, and air filtering measures. Until it is safe to proceed with the usual practice, this will be the new normal.

Is the industry ready for the new phase of beauty? 

While everyone is navigating things differently in this time of fear and uncertainty, one thing is for sure—clear and constant customer and workforce communication will create a seamless transition into the new normal. Businesses may never go back to usual, but with preparation, flexibility, and creativity, businesses may even be better than before.

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