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ART AS REFUGE 3: Galerie Joaquin x Fundación Sansó


Online exhibits are not new, especially with today’s so-called “new normal”—a term that is quickly losing its flair because of how often it has been thrown around by the media. Since the start of community quarantines the world over, art has been finding a way to enrich the lives of people stuck in their homes, reeling from cabin fever, and dealing with, perhaps, their own crises of existence. 

Thus, art has always presented itself as a refuge, in trying times most especially, but even during ordinary epochs. Art is and will always be a refuge for the weary and the lost, for the dreamers and the believers. 

‘After the Deluge, Comes the Dawn’

Presented for the third online gallery in this series is a collaboration between Fundación Sansó and Galerie Joaquin. 

Like the first online exhibit, this crossover between two galleries has been done in a completely virtual space. Check out a preview of the featured artworks below.


“After the Deluge, Comes the Dawn” is a showcase of some of the most relevant works by Spanish-born surrealist painter Juvenal Sansó. These artworks, done over three and a half decades, capture Sansó’s experience as a survivor of World War II, during which he survived a bomb blast. Pulling himself together, he explored the world of trauma and catastrophe, themes that are quite timely given the situation in the world today. His artworks also feature hope and optimism, which he considered essential in the process of healing, which many people are going through right now. 

Although the exhibit ran from May 7 to 21, the virtual gallery is still accessible to the public.

During the exhibit’s two-week run, Fundación Sansó and Galerie Joaquin donated proceeds from the sale to the #ARTCARES program, an ongoing effort to assist those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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