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Beauty procedures during a pandemic



The metro, as we all know, is now in general community quarantine, allowing for more businesses to reopen despite the ongoing pandemic. To a lot of us who have been doing our own beauty treatments at home, it just doesn’t compare to an actual visit to the dermatologist, right? It’s not business as usual, however, at the clinics, FYI.

Unlike before, more stringent health and safety protocols are in place, even for beauty procedures such as Botox and fillers. So, are these services being offered now that most beauty and aesthetic clinics have reopened?

The answer would be yes and no. In the new normal, appointments are a must before you come in for a visit at the clinic. You will be pre-screened not only for your medical history, but your travel and contact history as well. This means that walk-ins are not allowed, and consultations remain virtual for most cases. In-patient visits are temporarily reserved for urgent and chronic or critical cases. Since social distancing is still being observed, only a limited number of patients are allowed at a time, and even staff is on scheduled rotations. Therefore, each patient may not be able to have multiple treatments at once, and your time inside the clinic is limited as well. So what can you do now?


1. ASK. Call your clinic when all regular procedures and services will resume, including services for Botox and fillers. If they are already offering these services, remember to follow their pre-screening and in-patient guidelines to be admitted. If it is not yet available but you can book in advance, do it.

2. LEARN. Research on alternative treatments that can provide similar or longer-lasting effects that can lessen your trips to the clinic. Confirm these with your doctor on your next virtual visit.

3. CONSULT. Talk to your dermatologist (virtually!) for products that can help your skin in the meantime, such as collagen, peptides, or retinol.

4. SELF-CHECK. Be mindful of your daily habits and make sure that you are eating, exercising, resting, and hydrating yourself well. Also, don’t forget to control your stress levels, too!

5. BE PATIENT. No matter what, don’t do anything drastic to your skin, such as applying new products, changing your skin care routine, or worse, having a DIY treatment without your dermatologist’s consent.


The good news is, the pandemic will not last forever. No one knows when it will end, but it eventually will. Soon, clinics will be back to offering their complete services and, if you have already booked in advance (as early as now, if your clinic allows), you won’t have to wait when a surge of appointments follow suit post-pandemic. For now, mind your physical and mental health and find ways to improve your wellbeing such as donating to causes, helping others, learning new hobbies, connecting with old friends online, reading new books, practicing meditation, and just being thankful that you’re happy, healthy, and alive. After all, beauty is truly more than skin deep. 

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