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Get Ready, Shoppers! Rustan’s Reopens its Doors with Safety and Comfort as Priorities

Rustan's Makati Facade 2017

As the world moves into a new way of life, people continue to be wary. With a handful already adjusting to an unfamiliar world, most still seek for a place where they can find some sense of comfort and normalcy after months of staying at home.

Reopening on today, Rustan’s welcomes everyone back to a familiar, comforting space that’s made safer by a dedicated team that is ready to help bring the community together. A place known for its pristine interiors and warm ambience, Rustan’s has become a second home to many Filipino shoppers. The department store opens its doors while spreading a positive message of hope for brighter days.

“Our goal for the past 70 years has always been to serve the community and to provide a safe environment that feels like home. In this new chapter, we are committed to the idea of ‘One Home, One Hope’ to strengthen our solidarity with our countrymen as we help uplift society’s mindset to look forward to brighter days,” says Zenaida R. Tantoco, chairman and CEO of Rustan’s. “As an establishment that has been a second home for many shoppers, we will stay dedicated to implementing thorough safety protocols to ensure that our employees and shoppers are protected and can visit us with ease of mind.”


Photo from @rustansph

With everyone’s safety as their utmost priority, and to help ease the public’s worries, strict preventive measures following the protocols under the general community quarantine (GCQ) guidelines will be implemented and diligently observed in all the stores.

  • All employees will go through rapid testing before returning back to work and only those with a negative result shall be permitted to enter the store premises. 
  • Employees will be required to change into a clean set of clothes and shoes before entering store premises.
  • Store premises will undergo daily intensive cleaning and disinfection at the start and end of the day, and air-conditioning ducts will be cleaned regularly.
  • Janitors will be assigned to clean and wipe the moving rails of escalators on a regular basis, along with often-touched objects like door knobs and elevator buttons on each landing. Interior of elevators will be cleaned by the staff assigned inside.

Rustan’s has always valued the wellbeing of their patrons, keeping in mind their comfort and welfare. To ensure that their visitors’ safety is never compromised, the department store will follow specific protocols, as well as provide constant safety reminders that will be placed around the store premises.

  • Customers’ temperatures will be scanned before entry. Customers above 37.7°C will be politely advised to go home or see a physician.
  • Customers will be asked to step on disinfectant floor mats before entry.
  • Automatic hand sanitizers with sensors, and complimentary face masks will be placed at the security/entrance areas. One mask per customer will be provided for those not wearing any. 
  • Electric fans will be installed at all mall entrances as added protection against the virus.
  • There will be continued reminders to employees and customers about all health and safety habits via in-store signages and animation screens.
  • Bathroom doors will be kept open to avoid constant touching of doorknobs.
  • Employees and customers should observe proper queuing and physical distancing of at least 3ft. (1 meter). Distancing marks will be provided. 
  • Customers and employees must observe five steps apart when using the escalator. Escalators will be marked accordingly. 
  • Use of elevator shall be limited to four persons at a time, while standing on provided marks and facing opposite directions.


As an establishment that has been trusted for 70 years, Rustan’s is dedicated to a comfortable shopping experience for everyone. Rustan’s will help ease your worries as you choose your merchandise until you make your purchase.

  • Fitting rooms will be disinfected after each use.
  • Merchandise packaging will be disinfected by receiving personnel upon receipt in store and before issuing to customer.
  • Trial and sampling of beauty products will not be allowed.
  • Apparel brands’ store personnel will remind customers who will fit clothes to place fitted/worn apparel in a designated “For Sanitation” box. After 24 hours, store personnel will steam the clothes and put them back on display or in storage.
  • Shoe brands’ store personnel will request customers to wear ankle socks before fitting shoes. Socks will be provided accordingly.
  • Sneeze guards will be installed at the POS cashier areas.
  • Contactless payment shall be encouraged for customers using Scan-to-Pay and Tap-and-Go manner of card payments.
  • For payments made by cash or credit card, cashier will provide a money tray and politely request the customer to place cash, credit, or gift cards on the money tray.
  • After each transaction, all Frequent Shopper Program (FSP), Beauty Addict, Loyalty Cards, Credit Cards, and Rustan’s EGC will be sprayed with alcohol, dried on a piece of cloth, and returned well-sanitized to customer.
  • Outer portions of merchandise packages will be sprayed by cashier/sales personnel with disinfectant in clear view of the customer before handing over the purchased item/s.


Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-La are open daily starting today from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Alabang from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Meanwhile, Rustan’s Gateway and Cebu will open on June 12, with daily operating hours of 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information about the safety procedures and their latest promos, visit or follow @rustansph on Instagram and Facebook.

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