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When 10-year-old Julia Concio learned about Covid-19 and the lockdown, she was worried and in low spirits. “I missed my friends and relatives. People are getting sick and lots of people died. That’s the saddest part. I’m also scared for the people who have no choice but to leave their houses,” says the eldest grandchild of Charo Santos Concio

Despite the initial disappointment of staying home, the family was able to bounce right back up with Julia, along with her younger sister seven-year-old Talia and two-year-old brother Basti, learning new things at home such as baking and cooking with their mom Carla. “We became closer as a family, because when we go to school, our little brother misses us,” explains Julia. 

CUTE CREATIONS Julia and her colorful designs

CUTE CREATIONS Julia and her colorful designs

Art with a cause

One day, Carla came across lawyer KC De Mesa’s online post about eco bags made out of katcha. These bags were being sold to help the seamstresses of Nueva Ecija who were affected by the lockdown. Julia has been drawing non-stop since the lockdown, so a light bulb moment came to the mom-of-three with the idea of combining her eldest daughter’s love for drawing and supporting the sewers’ livelihood.

“My mom and I talked about it and she told me to do a business with a heart. So I thought of giving out face masks to our garbage collectors, tricycle drivers, and street vendors, and she agreed,” says the talented tween. 

Prior to this project, she has been selling toys and books online, using the money from the sales to buy vitamin C for delivery drivers and guards of their village. They even made face masks for the frontliners, which were delivered by their doctor friends to hospitals. Julia adds, “I was so happy to see them wearing the face masks that we made.” Her mom proudly shares that Julia has a heart for people who are in need. She says, “Maybe because she grew up seeing us help people in our own little ways. And now that she’s a big kid, the urge to help people just comes naturally. She knows I’m always here to support her. I’m always by her side watching her fly.”

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Getting to work 

And so it began. As soon as the eco bags arrived, Julia got started with her artworks. She uses permanent markers and draws what most 10-year-olds like such as angels, girls, food, and other cute items—all presented in a vibrant mix of colors. She even accepts requests from her customers. 

Her grandparents Cesar and Charo were her first customers, along with the couple’s household helpers. “We went to their house and sold all 15 bags. My lolo even paid P3,000 for three bags, because he knows it’s for a good cause,” the eldest apo says with a smile. Because of the K-drama series Crash Landing on You, her grandmother Charo, who’s a fan, even picked a design with Captain Ri’s caricature.   

Other friends were happy to support Julia’s fundraising project, with singer and mom-of-two Tita Juris being one of her next customers. “It is comforting to know that there are stories to tell, like Julia’s advocacy, to inspire my kids and others on how to be a reflection of God’s kindness and love, even at a very young age,” actress Ruby Ruiz says. “Julia at her very young age has the heart and soul of a very kind and selfless person, and you see these are translated to her artworks. I love the bags because they are done so neatly from a child’s point of view.”

Lola Charo Santos Concio loves Captain Ri of Crash Landing On You

Lola Charo Santos Concio loves Captain Ri of Crash Landing On You

What’s next? 

Within a short period of time, this budding artist has earned P10,000. “Some of my buyers paid more than what they bought. Maybe because they also want to help,” says Julia. With the support of her mom, they used the money to buy face masks for donation, with part of the sales used to buy more eco bags and coloring pens. A little reward was also allotted to buy books for the three siblings. 

Reasonably priced at P100, it’s no wonder that there is a long waiting list to own one of Julia’s creations. Since she has homeschooling at the moment, it might take about a week for her to accomplish all the orders. She can also accept requests of any design as long as she can do it. To order, send them a message on their Instagram account @conciosisters. 

Raizel Dy got herself two bags

Raizel Dy got herself two bags

This mother-and-daughter duo has proven that you can be productive and help people even if you’re at home. Spending time with your children and guiding them every step of the way has also proven to be beneficial. Carla shares that it is important to know your child’s passion and support them. She always asks these two questions, “Are you happy? And are you making other people happy?” If the children say yes to both, then give your all-out support. “Praise them and acknowledge every positive thing they do,” ends Carla.

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