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Ode to Our Oceans


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It is no doubt that the pandemic has got every ocean lover longing to set foot in the water again. What better way to celebrate World Ocean Day than to reminisce life’s bright moments spent by the sea? Cabin fever has definitely gotten the best of me as I am feeling nostalgic over past dive trips in none other than one of the world’s most biodiverse marine hotspots—the Philippines.


The feeling of descending 30 meters, experiencing the peacefulness of life underwater, hearing nothing but the sound of bubbles. The thrill of being able to breathe underwater is just the beginning of the surreal scuba experience. I dive to escape the busy and noisy life on land. I dive to immerse myself in the calm, yet thriving ocean. I dive to see the beautiful sight of marine life of coral reefs with swift movements and an abundance of species of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Diving gives me a euphoric feeling that makes me appreciate the ocean more and more each dive.

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Diving is different everywhere you go, which makes it even more exciting. Each dive spot has its own story to tell, may it be history through wreck-diving, a marine life lesson from reef diving, or visiting a habitat of specific marine species. Getting to meet other ocean-minded divers on every trip and sharing our dive experiences with each other provide a sense of community to like-minded people from all over the world.

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The ocean is truly something to be thankful for. The huge impact it makes on our lives is worth celebrating and conserving. I do my best to be resourceful and find things that will help educate me about marine conservation through diving, joining organizations, taking courses, or volunteering at events like coastal cleanups and advocacy talks. There is always something new to learn about the ocean.

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While in quarantine there are still so many ways we can do our part to save our oceans and to celebrate it. More divers and ocean-minded individuals are connecting online to spread awareness through various social media platforms. Though we cannot yet comfortably go out to sea, the day we get to see the ocean again is surely something positive to look forward to. Until then, even from our homes, we can reduce waste and conserve water so that our ocean will be bluer and better than ever when we plunge into its depths and say hello again to all of our underwater friends.

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