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Our Lady did appear in Lipa—Bishop Ted Bacani


Bishop Emeritus Teodoro C, Bacani Jr. of the Diocese of Novaliches, a theology professor in the UST Ecclesiastical Faculty, and the international adviser of El Shaddai and the DWXL Prayer Partners Fellowship Intl.

Bishop Emeritus Teodoro C, Bacani Jr. of the Diocese of Novaliches, a theology professor in the UST Ecclesiastical Faculty, and the international adviser of El Shaddai and the DWXL Prayer Partners Fellowship Intl.


These are the times that try men’s souls. The Summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands in the now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. —Thomas Paine

“June is bursting out all over”—remember this line from one of Rogers and Hammersteins’ hit Broadway musicals? Let’s try to be happy this June, after the three-month panic of the quarantine and lockdown. And let’s resolve to help those who lost their jobs or their businesses, and those who lost loved ones to the virus.

We have come half way to Christmas and while some will cry, “Not so fast, please,” many can’t wait for 2020 to end and, with hope, the pandemic goes out with the year, too! 

Last Saturday’s world rosary for peace, unity, and an end to the Covid pandemic led by Pope Francis, with the participation of major Marian shrines all over the world, was so moving. Many friends of mine now turn to the rosary for solace. 

Marian devotees stayed up for the 11:30 pm live stream here and it was a beautiful spiritual experience for those who did. 

This week, we revisit an old friend and our former parish priest. He is also one of the heroes of the EDSA Peaceful Power Revolution as he was never timid to speak up in defense of freedom and democracy against the dictatorship then. He is Bishop Emeritus Teodoro C, Bacani Jr. of the Diocese of Novaliches, a theology professor in the UST Ecclesiastical Faculty, and the international adviser of El Shaddai and the DWXL Prayer Partners Fellowship Intl.

Growing up, we knew him as my grandmother Nena Munson’s friend and a socially active parish priest of the San Fernando de Dilao Parish in Paco. From Bishop Ted came words of support for the apparition to visionary Teresing Castillo of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Grace. And from his discernment came our family’s  commitment to spread devotion to her. I remember listening to him being interviewed on television about the Lipa apparitions way back, that the proof of the truth of the apparitions is in the devotees’ faith. “Are they closer to Jesus and away from sin than before? Have the apparitions and the lessons from it strengthened their faith in God?” he said.

Bishop Ted recently told us when he learned about our series on the Lipa apparitions: “Yes, I will give you my thoughts.”

He began by saying, “Our lady Mediatrix of all Grace… The teaching that Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Mediatrix of All Grace is official Catholic teaching. This is not yet dogma but is an official teaching of the Church and is to be accepted with religious assent. Religious assent is the acceptance of a teaching not based directly on the authority of divine revelation but rather on the authority of the Magisterium—the religious teachers (Pope and bishops) duly constituted by Christ. Now, on the statue of Mary Mediatrix of All Grace venerated in Lipa. There have been allegations of a demonic influence connected with the statue. These allegations can be peacefully set aside because they have no basis whatsoever!”

Bishop Ted conducting mass, photo from his FB

Bishop Ted conducting mass, photo from his FB

Then he added, “Were the apparitions to Teresing in Lipa worthy of belief?  My humble opinion is that our Lady did appear to Teresing in Lipa. I base my opinion on the abundant and attested signs (healing, repentance) that have happened in connection with the apparitions. My favorable assessment of the genuineness of the apparitions of Our Lady in Lipa in 1948 is further bolstered by Teresing’s whole demeanor. I met her at least twice and she was so humble, simple, peaceful, even joyful, and showed no resentment against Church authorities or anyone. She did not seem at all to be a deceiver or someone out of her mind.”

The apparitions began Sept. 12, 1948, Feast of the Holy Name of Mary at 5 p.m. The lady appeared to novice Teresing Castillo for 15 days.

The assessment of Bro. Angel de Blas, O. P., who was closely involved in the investigations according to a recently “discovered” journal, should also be seriously considered, Bishop Ted stressed. Bro. Blas emphasized that the apparitions were not fake.

“If we were to take the events in general, it is evident that Teresita must be classified under the group called visionaries or seers,” he wrote. “Teresita is among those visionaries who receive messages for the world, in which God proposes to change the bad habits, especially of those of Christians and clergy by threatening punishment if these are not heard.”

The apparition is also on record, as per Msgr. Nicanor de Villa and approved by Arch. Mariano Gaviola on March 21, 1992, The shower of petals were real and happened in the cells of all the sisters and even on their staircase. The petals also fell outside the cloister and were seen by some visitors. There have also been occasional showers of whole roses in Teresing’s home and during her yearly birthday retreats.

This is how Msgr. De Villa recorded the last apparition on Nov. 12:

“The sister (Teresing) was called to the place of the Apparition and there on the vine was Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace. Her hands joined on her breast in an attitude of prayer. She looked tenderly but sadly [to] Her little one and the Community that had followed. ‘People believe not my words. Pray my child, pray much because of persecution. Pray for priests What I ask here is exactly what I have asked at Fatima. Tell this to the people: They don’t believe in me, nor do they give what I ask. Tell the sisters that I ask them to pray and help spread My devotion and make penances for those who don’t believe. When people come to pray and ask for graces, let them ask directly from me and not through you. These things may now be revealed. This my last apparition in this spot.’”

Blessing Her little one and the Community assembled in the sacred place, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace vanished. 

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