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Daily essentials to keep Covid-19 at bay

What every Filipino braving the streets needs.

With quarantine protocols being loosened these days, many Filipinos are braving the streets to continue their lives even though the threat of the coronavirus still looms in the sidelines. While not everyone could wear hazmat suits outside (just think of the heat), there are still other items that can help you combat the virus and make a clean bill of health possible.

Equip yourself and your home with these products that will make life a breeze even during this time of pandemic. 


Always be protected from infection with this anti-fogging, anti-dust, and anti-splash face shield.


As the wearing of face masks in public is mandatory, the best kind to put on is a surgical face mask. Just remember that the colored side should face outward, and it should be thrown away after use.


Investing in a few washable masks is the best thing to do as they are built to last and protect you and those around you. The CDC says that it is okay to wear cloth masks as long as it has filters in it, and these are washed routinely.


Just like the frontliners, you should make it a habit to check your temperature and that of your loved ones. Experts say that a body temperature 37.8°C and above must be monitored to check if other Covid-19-related symptons will appear.


Apart from frequent handwashing, the best way to fight the virus is by boosting your immune system through healthy meals. These Pack N’ Go insulated lunch totes will keep your food and refreshments in good condition.


These water-based essential oils in eucalyptus and mint, fresh linen, and rainforest scents will not only leave your room smelling good, but also offer many health benefits such as aiding digestion and relieving stress and anxieties.


An air revitalizer keeps the air fresh and brings a pleasant aroma to your room, while an air humidifier adds moisture to the air, solves the dryness of your skin, and prevents the spread of airborne viruses. 


The climate in the Philippines makes it hard for everyone to keep their hands off their faces due to sweat. A mist fan can help you cool down and keep you looking fresh even while wearing a face mask. 

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