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Worried about WFH? Check how you can create the most ideal home-office setup

Find out how you can further enhance this new essential part of the house

By now, the home-office setup is seen as an essential part of the house, especially for those who have been on a work-from-home (WFH) arrangement these past few months.

LONG TERM A home-office setup may become a neccesity as WFH becomes the norm

Each home-office is different, but is somewhat “grouped” by the type of profession. Someone who works in finance or money-related institutions may require a bigger computer screen or even multiple monitors to check stock market prices. A teacher or someone involved in the education field may need more space for books and papers. While those in design or arts would prefer a multifunctional desk to keep their work tools within reach.

Whatever the look, design, or condition of your home-office at this moment, it could still be improved with some design tweaks here and there. It’s just practical to make it an ideal space, as this WFH arrangement may become a long-term engagement between you and your employer.

“An ideal home-office for me would be a dedicated room where you can work without distraction. It should also be a space that’s relatively noise-free and with ample task lighting,” says Regie Oquendo, principal architect of Architect Manila.

Architect Regie Oquendo

The biggest challenge in the home-office setup, he says, is the temptation to get distracted by television, the hubbub in the kitchen, or proximity to your bedroom. “It’s very important that your space can give you enough room to focus on the task at hand.”

In case a dedicated room is impossible, especially if you live in a condo unit or a small apartment, then choose the right corner instead.

“That corner could work out just fine, as long as it has ample task lighting, and it isn’t in the way of the regular movement of other people in your home,” says Oquendo.  

Here are more tips on how to create that ideal home-office.

1) Invest on an appropriate desk  

As much as possible, avoid using the dining table as your work desk. Having to move your things around whenever meal time comes would just ruin your focus and render you unproductive.

2) Get the proper lighting

Use the correct task lighting such as daylight LED lamps. This type of lighting allows you to clearly see the work you are doing and naturally stimulates your brain to be alert and to concentrate. LED lamps are also eco-friendly, too. Don’t use mood lighting for your work desk as these entice you to relax and tempt you to call it a day, even without having finished your work.

3) Avoid wild colors

Color definitely affects a person’s mood, so if it is work that is supposed to be done, use neutral palettes on walls. Avoid wild and loud colors. Though these colors inspire creativity in some individuals, it can generally distract you if you’re dealing with numbers, words, or details.   

4) Find a good seat

Use an ergonomic chair with a headrest, armrest, and padded seat and back to help support your body during the long hours of work. As you are stuck there even during lunchtime (as opposed to walking to your office’s canteen), a good seat promotes blood circulation, encourages good posture, and minimizes stress.  

5) Have space for storage

Some people would say a simple desk is enough for a home-office corner. But where would you put the stapler, the pen container, the markers, the post-its, etc.? It’s ideal to have a desk with storage spaces and drawers as it helps save time from standing up and finding the little things that make your work complete. After work, storage space can also be used to keep your notebooks, bond paper sheets, records, etc. It cuts clutter and prevents things from getting misplaced. 

6) Find a nice position

Any corner in the house can be an ideal home-office space. Experts, however, advise to find a position where natural light comes in. Aside from imbibing that “happy” vitamin from the morning sun (avoid the afternoon sun though), it can also help cut your electricity consumption during the day. 

7) Nature helps

This can’t be stressed enough, especially as the pandemic is not yet over. The power of nature to help clean the air, improve your mood, and refresh the atmosphere is enough reason to put some potted greens on your work desk, around your seat, or beside the window frame.

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