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Mom-of-two Andi Manzano shares how to go organic and live healthier

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” But this concept becomes even more alarming with the quote “Every time you are eating a meal, you are either feeding the disease or fighting it.” This was shared by pediatrician Dr. Celeste Gomez at the recent virtual event of Promil Organic. 

Going organic may be a 21st century realization, but we’re still far from incorporating everything organic into our lifestyle, especially with the food that we eat. One thing that hinders us to do so is that most of us get overwhelmed with all the terminologies. Here are some easy tips to remember.

  1. There should be no GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, chemical additives, or sewage sludge in the vegetables or grains that you buy.
  2. To be labelled organic, there should be no hormones and antibiotics, no animal by-products, and no GMO corn or soil in the meat, grains, or vegetables you eat. The animals should have access to the outdoors, and fish should be caught in the wild, not farmed.

But it doesn’t stop here. How the food is packaged and stored at home can also make a big difference. Some contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that change the normal hormone levels. These can be found in pesticides from the fruits and vegetables we eat, bisphenol A or BPA that are in food storage containers, and phthalates which are part of most food packaging.

Dr. Celeste knows that these are inevitable for now. So what must one do? She reassures us that there is a way, and that is by choosing whole and organic food. This young mom, a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, also explained that we should start shifting to the right diet and proper nutrition, especially for our babies. 

WHAT’S BEST FOR THE FAMILY Mom Andi knows that keeping her family healthy starts with her

The milk brand’s ambassador Andi Manzano Reyes was also present at the event. Andi chimes in that this organic lifestyle has to be something that you really want. She started this lifestyle by finally choosing to live healthier.

“Last year, after I gave birth, I started working out and being active. I worked out four times a week, and I try to stay active all throughout as well. I also started eating healthier: less sugar and carbs, and more organic greens and fruits on my plate,” says the mom-of-two. She also wasn’t afraid to ask for help. “I do more research and listen to other moms who live a healthier and organic lifestyle—asking them for recommendations and stories on how they transition inspires me to continue their journey,” she adds.

The highlight of the more-than-one-hour mommy conversation was Andi’s realization on how important food storage is. “It’s best to store our drinking water by recycling wine bottles and putting our food in glass containers since putting food in plastic ones, especially food that is newly cooked, reeks out harmful chemicals, which can pose a threat to my family’s health.”

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