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Couple caught having sex in cinema

A video of a bold couple having sexual intercourse on the front row of a movie theater is now circulating online

A lecherous couple was recorded having sex in an empty theater of a newly reopened establishment in the UK. The video has now gone viral online with millions of views.

One can clearly see what was happening in the cringe-y footage that was taken by the movie house’s infrared CCTV camera. The post is captioned, “Who does this and you people don’t think you’ll get caught? WE CHECK THE CAMERAS DARLIN,” and shows a man in a hoodie with a female companion naked waist down, straddling him.

Warning. Viewer discretion is advised

Here’s the trending video.

Because there were no other movie goers at the scene of the “crime” when it occurred, the couple assumed that they had absolute privacy in the dark. They failed to consider that some CCTV cameras had night vision, so the deed was discovered after it was reviewed by the theater’s security. 

If this happened in the Philippines, the couple could be charged with the Anti-Obscenity And Pornography Act Of 2008, which states that people cannot have sex within public view.

So if you’re planning to do something illegal in theaters, sexual in nature or not, think again. Establishments are allowed to have CCTV cameras inside theaters which are meant to prevent piracy or illegal filming of shows, consumption of liquor, and falsified reports of slip-and-falls to insurance company, and other security purposes for that matter. These cameras also help measure the engagement of films with the audience.

The clip is believed to have been taken within the last six weeks, as cinemas in the European country were reopened after lockdown.

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