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‘Girl From Nowhere’ coming soon with a second season

Production has started for new episodes of the Thai hit series on Netflix

After a remarkable performance by its first season, the Thai hit series Girl From Nowhere will be having a second season, available only on Netflix.

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai mystery anthology series about a clever girl named Nanno who transfers from one school to another, exposing lies and misdeeds of students and faculty.

Season one, which was released back in 2018, revolved around schoolgirls who wanted to destroy her and, as Nanno’s high school life was revealed, (spoilers aside) she makes sure there are no happy endings for the people involved. 

Chicha Amatayakul who plays Nanno says, “It’s a pleasure to present this unique series to fans around the world,” expressing her gratitude for the support she has received since the show landed on Netflix. 

“Thank you again for bringing Nanno back to life. I won’t let you down,” she adds. 

Although the series falls under the mystery and fantasy genres, the first season was inspired by 13 real life incidents where schoolgirls were victimized. We’re expecting that the producers will continue retelling stories of victims in the second season.

Netflix announced that production on the series started in Bangkok on Aug. 24. That means it won’t be long till we get to stream the hit Thai series in our living rooms and mobile devices.

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