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No internet signal? Grandfather builds a treehouse for grandson

Studying outdoors also gives the young student a chance to focus and learn 

We all know that strong internet signal is harder to find when you’re based in the province, more so when you’re out in the boondocks.

BETTER SIGNAL Searching for signal in the great outdoors

Six-year-old Arvin Jay Curangcurang was having trouble looking for a signal when his grandfather Martin and aunt Giecel took it into their own hands to find a better signal in their area. 

WITH LOLO Six-year-old Arvin with his grandfather Martin

The two guardians went around the area in Alicia town in Bohol to look for stable internet connection, and chanced upon a vast and unpopulated field where Arvin could study. In Giecel’s Facebook post under the name “Minay,” she shared visual photos of how her father set up the place and how Arvin has been studying, including an adorable photo of him praying. 

Kung way signal, aw mangita. :Mao tong naghimo mig tree house/payag nga gamay sa buntod tunga2x pa gyud sa toril sa…

Miyay 发布于 2020年8月18日周二

Translated via Google from Cebuano to English, her post says, “If there’s no signal, look for it. This is the reason we put up a small hut in the middle of the field,” she continues. “How’s the signal? It’s okay, strong enough. It’s just too cold because of the strong wind, but it’s nice and quiet—the child can focus on the discussion.”

STUDY TIME Arvin and his new “classroom”

When there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. Thanks to his whole family for not giving up on this young and eager-to-learn student. 

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