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How Kylie, Bela, and Lars used quarantine time well

How these women practice self-care

Life is a constant search for beauty, whether in transient things or in individual experiences. It is one of the many goals in life, to find beauty. This is a challenge we all face during this time of health crisis. 

With the world slowing down and with more time spent indoors, people have a chance to rediscover themselves, realign their lives, see what matters more, and become better. These days, this is where beauty can be seen more, in the process of transformation. 

That is what Life by Kojiesan, the nutraceutical arm of beauty brand Kojiesan, wants to impart as it launched its latest innovation on beauty and wellness through an online event entitled Cheers to Life: A Celebration of Beauty.

The event brought together true Filipina beauties, led by Kylie Verzosa, Lars Pacheco, and Bela Padilla, who told of their quarantine blues, and how they turned their anxieties around during their time at home. Here’s how they did it.

Reignite passion

For actress Bela Padilla, having a lot of activities during quarantine not only made her productive but also offered her an avenue to keep her center amid all the stress. By rekindling her past hobbies and also trying out new ones, she discovered new things about herself.

“I started this quarantine scared and uncertain, so I would fill my days with so many activities and try and absorb as much information as I could,” she said. “There is so much to hear in silence, and so much to learn from what we used to take for granted. I take time to cherish even the simplest moments and try to discover something new.”

Embrace changes 

Many industries have been affected by the pandemic, causing so many anxieties among Filipinos. This rang close to Lars Pacheco who makes a living out of events and pageants. But instead on fighting them, she accepted these changes and tried to focus on the positive.

“Change is the only constant in this world so, as days go by, I am preparing myself for a lot of changes. This pandemic has a really big impact in my life and in my career,” Lars said. “But I’m staying positive as always. These changes will be changes for our good. When this is all over, I will come back much stronger, and definitely more beautiful.”

Breathe easy

As an advocate for mental health, Kylie Verzosa knows that quarantine time will not do good to anyone if it is only spent on worrying. She advises people to take life one day at a time and find the motivation to do good despite the challenges we are facing.

“The isolation and feeling of loneliness caused by the pandemic can either make or break us. I know it could be hard for others to find motivation in these trying times, trust me,” she said. “More than anything, this lockdown has allowed me to dedicate more time to myself: focus on my physical and mental health by consistently working out, meditating, and journaling. I was able to allot more time to focus on my advocacy and brainchild, Mental Health Matters PH, through which I try to extend help to our fellowmen.”

Discover beauty from within

The women expressed the importance of self-care during their quarantine time. From meditation to eating good food, it is important to have products you can depend on during your beauty transformation.

With that, Life by Kojiesan introduces its banner product Glutathione Antioxidant Drink, which aims to bring out beauty from the inside out.

Life by Kojiesan Glutathione Antioxidant Drink

The supplement drink is rich with fermented pomegranate, which is a potent source of vitamins C and E. It contains three times more antioxidants that can protect cells and reduce inflammation. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, a boost we need right now. While vitamin E aids in slowing down skin aging. It comes in a vibrant shade of red, giving a luxurious touch to the supplement.

“Life by Kojiesan is committed to providing Filipinos who aspire to have the highest standard of beauty with an array of innovative skin and body care products that offer proven results with each use,” the brand says. “We are eager to impart excellence in our future endeavors, delivering one of the best solutions to Filipinos’ beauty and wellness concerns, as well as to life-changing issues such as the current health crisis.”

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