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Makati bar and club XX:XX closes

‘Thank you for dancing with us.’

XX:XX interior photo from ph2nite

“The time has come for us as well.”

So starts the latest Instagram post of Makati bar and club XX:XX. It is unfortunate to hear and sadly all too common these days that nightly haunts announce they are closing down as a result of the pandemic. Whether it was for their weekly Circus parties, or to listen to the latest Filipino performers, XX:XX was one of those places where people could leave their worries at the door, with its inviting, flashing neon sign.

XX:XX exterior photo by Mark M

Located along Don Chino Roces Ave. in Makati City, XX:XX had run for over four years. It quickly became the place to go to. Due to quarantine restrictions, and for the health and safety of its patrons, XX:XX, like most other bars, had been temporarily closed. While we stayed at home, dreaming of the days we could revel at bars, we have almost taken it for granted that these places would be waiting to welcome us back.

Bars are arguably the hardest hit of the food service firms. In fact, their appeal is based primarily around people gathering together, whether with friends, or strangers becoming friends.

“We would like to thank the people behind the scenes—everyone in the back-office, our bartenders, servers, technicians, and security. To our brand partners who supported our vision and helped us make it a reality. To all the promoters, DJs, dancers, musicians, performers, artists, photographers, videographers, and pop-ups that took part in our events. It was truly an experience working with you,” the Instagram post of XX:XX continues. “Last but not least, we’d like to thank those who walked through our doors week in and week out. It has been a great ride filled with lovely memories and smiles and good times on the dance floor with all of you. During these hard times for nightlife and culture, we hope that sooner rather than later things will return to normal, or perhaps even better. Goodbye for now.”

At least we have all the fond memories we have made at XX:XX. Last Feb., Manila Bulletin Lifestyle filmed a Free Sample of singer-songwriter Ena Mori at the Makati bar and club. Check out the pre-quarantine video here.

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