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READ: Jennylyn Mercado speaks up for single mothers on twitter

You can’t bring a strong woman like her down

Celebrity mom Jennylyn Mercado wasn’t afraid to speak her mind on Aug. 31 when she tweeted a post with an accompanying screenshot of a certain TJ Santiago, “Respeto naman sa mga babaeng inanakan lang.” This didn’t go too well with the single mother who raised her 11-year-old Jazz all by herself. 

Along with that screenshot, she tweeted, “To all the single moms out there, never let comments like this get to you. Having a kid early doesn’t make you  less of a woman. In fact, it’s the opposite. Being a single parent made us stronger than ever. Mahirap maging nanay at tatay ng ating (mga) anak pero kinakaya natin (It’s hard to be both mother and father to our children but we did it).

With over 16,000 likes and 1,700 retweets, netizens joined her thread by applauding her for what she tweeted and saluting all the single parents for raising their children on their own. “We don’t have the right to judge those single parents like them because we don’t know the struggle that they have. And respect them kasi pinili pa rin nila buhayin ung (because they chose their baby’s life) baby, and they give their best para mapalaki ang bata (to raise the child),” replied one of her followers Job.

Jennilyn followed up her first tweet with these, “Kaya (So)  always hold your head up high. We are more powerful than they think we are. And for those people na minamaliit pa rin kami hanggang ngayon (who make us feel less of a person until now), I feel so sorry for you. Lahat ng mga kritisismo sa pagkatao namin nasabi na sa amin (All of the criticisms that we have received), and yet here we are, raising our kid(s) the best we can. Whatever you say, you can and will never bring a strong woman down.”

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