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WATCH: Gladys Guevarra claims partner ran away with her money, messed up her online business

We know that times are hard, and even celebrities have on-the-side hustles to make ends meet. Comedian Gladys “Chuchay” Guevarra is one of those who turned her love for cooking into a booming business selling Pinoy delicacies such as palitaw, kalamay, different flavors of puto, and many more.

Since Gladys didn’t have online access to her bank accounts, her partner Leon Sumagui offered to monitor online payments using his bank accounts instead. 

Unfortunately, she and her fiancé had a big argument last Sept. 1 that led to their break up that same night. Gladys announced on her Facebook account that she would go live the next night to explain why she had to cancel all the orders made for the month of September, and also revealed in the video that Leon messed up their office and deleted files, with only one hard copy print out of the Sept. 3 records. 

Not only that, Gladys had to ask Leon for all the money that was deposited into his account for the first half of September. The only batch she wasn’t able to get back was for Sept. 3. 

Grabe itong ginawa mo sa akin (What you did to me was too much), Leon,” she said on last night’s Facebook live that now has over 650,000 views. The amount, P9,100, has yet to be returned to Gladys, and she was stressed over how she will be able to return all of the payments made for homemade sweets. 

Crying over what happened, Gladys made it clear that she’s over the break up but she’s not okay with how she hurt her customers and supportive followers who placed orders. “Actually, kung mapanuod mo (if you’re watching), Leon. Hindi na masakit yun pagkawala mo (It doesn’t hurt me that you left me). Masakit yun ilan tao ito na tinanggal mo ang tiwala sa akin (What hurt is that you made some of the people lose their trust on me). Thank God at naibalik mo (that you returned the money). Pero pinahirapan mo ako sa pag down ng system ng mga orders, so paano ko ibabalik mga yun (But you made it difficult for me to return the payments since the system is down, so how do I return them?”

Apologizing profusely to her viewers that her reputation with regards to money has always been good, she says, “I’m sorry. Stressed na stressed na ako kasi gusto kong ibalik itong pera ninyo.  Kailangan nyo po akong tulungan. Titigil ko muna mga orders. Babalik ko po pera ninyo.” 

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