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Beauty breakthrough: cassava bags replace plastic packaging

This hair care brand launches the Green Beauty campaign and kicks off sustainable packaging for their delivery items

We’re always in search of the best beauty products that can deliver results of lasting youth and beauty. But as the number of purchases go up, so do the harmful effects of the waste it leaves behind. The demand for beauty products hurts our natural resources in a way we have never imagined.

According to the Zero Waste Week report, the cosmetic industry alone produced 120 billion units of packaging every year. These tons of packaging contribute to the loss of 18 million acres or approximately 7.2 million hectares of forest annually. With this alarming situation, the call for sustainable beauty has never been louder.

SUSTAINABLE BEAUTY L’Oreal Philippines replaces plastic bags and bubble wrap with Cassava bag and honeycomb wrapper (Images by Jane Kingsu-Cheng)

As a response to this call, L’Oreal Philippines has kicked off its Green Beauty campaign, an initiative that aims to reduce the environmental impact of their products, especially, of Garnier through the use of sustainable packaging.

Hello, honeycomb wrapper and cassava bag

Starting this November, all Garnier products ordered from online shopping platform Shopee will no longer be using any plastic packages. In replacement of plastic bubble wrap, Loreal has partnered with EcoNest PH to provide them with honeycomb paper wraps. Made from sustainable materials, this type of paper wraps is proven to protect parcels against abrasion and scratching during shipping and distribution. On top of this, the honeycomb wrapper is also 100 percent recyclable.

And finally, Garnier consumers can soon say goodbye to plastic bags and say hello to cassava starch bags. With the help of Indonesian company SainsBags, all products will be packed using cassava bags. Made from organic cassava starch, these bags are biodegradable, compostable, harmless to animals and plants, and will not cause damage to marine life and waterways. 

“We are at the start of our journey, and in a lot of ways, Garnier is the first to launch this sustainable packaging. For Garnier alone in Shopee, we will be able to save about one ton of plastic annually,” Supriya Singh, country manager director, L’Oreal Philippines, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “But imagine if more and more brands joined in with this initiative, we will be able collectively as an industry to make a bigger impact for our environment.”

Educating the youth of today

A firm believer of collective effort and the power of the youth, the brand has also tapped online education platform Edukasyon, to educate young people, specifically the Gen Z in the importance of choosing sustainable living. Leveraging on studies and research about Gen Z’s behavior, Edukasyon and L’Oreal co- created the Green Education Program. This specially designed modules are made to attract attention of these young learners through the use of bit-sized learning activities, and gamified lessons and quizzes. 

“Green Education marks the beginning of efforts to empower people with important knowledge and practices on sustainability,” Supriya says. “We will take on greater responsibility, engage our entire ecosystem and demonstrate that companies can be part of the solution to the pressing challenges the world is facing. We are looking forward to seeing more partnerships come into fruition in the next few months and be able to contribute to creating a sustainable and beautiful world for everyone.”

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