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Exit through the Ayala Museum gift shop, now online

Indios comiendo en el interior de su casa (Natives Eating Inside Their Home)” by Jose Honorato Lozano (1815 – 1885) from The Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum Shop is the latest digital dimension of the recently launched Ayala Museum Virtual. A new virtual shop means, of course, new products (physical products, don’t worry). Check out how you can bring art into your everyday with these eye-catching gift shop purchases:

Stay Home Collection

The uniquely Filipino “Stay Home Collection” repurposes the works of Filipino artists Jose Honorato Lozano (1815 – 1885) and Damian Domingo ( into everyday items. From tote bags to sanitizing kits, these products reflect how life has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic while showcasing Philippine art and culture to show how our Filipino identity remains steadfast.

Art and Care Kit

The carefully curated “Art and Care Kit” comes with a tipos del pais tote bag that contains customizable facemasks, creativity worksheets, and stickers, bringing the Ayala Museum straight to your home. Proceeds of the “Art and Care Kit” will be donated to the arts and wellness program for our frontliners.

Historic Heroes Figurine

The limited-edition figurine of Jose Rizal is the first release of the Historic Heroes series. Action figures often depict superheroes from comic books and movies. With the Historic Heroes series, our real-life national heroes get the same collectible treatment, a way to introduce history to the young and young at heart.

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