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Chesca Garcia’s sweet post for Doug Kramer on their 12th wedding anniversary

Doug Kramer never ceases to shower his love and gifts for his family, especially for his wife Chesca. For their 12th wedding anniversary this October 9, he got her a ring and documented the surprise over in his Instagram TV.

Chesca then posted a photo of the two of them on top of their billiard table with both of them wearing their pambahay. She thanked Doug for the “surprise in the rice,” and pointing out that these gifts “meant nothing to me if I didn’t have all your love! I honestly cannot ask for anything more, because, to me, you being present and involved in our marriage is what matters the most.” 

She continues, “My lover and friend, your time, love, devotion, respect, attention, spiritual leadership, and our moments as husband and wife cannot be bought—they come naturally when you love and treasure the person you’re with.” She also expressed how blessed she is that she doesn’t have to beg these from him. She thanks God for giving her the best husband and ended the post by tagging him.

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