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Denise Laurel reveals her biggest accomplishments and regrets in life

Believe it or not, this sexy mom still struggles with confidence and self-esteem issues 

Denise Laurel celebrated her birthday on Sept. 30 and held her annual fundraising event. Over the moon with the support she had received, she wanted to give back some more by answering questions sent by her followers over on her Instagram account. Here are some of the questions she answered over on her Instagram stories.

Biggest accomplishment so far? 
Keeping an open, loving, considerate, patient, comforting, healing, understanding, and super fun relationship with my son. Praying it stays the same through the teen years haha.

Your biggest regrets in life?
Allowing myself to be distracted by so many unnecessary things that kept me from directly going on the path that God had for me and not valuing myself with all my blessings more, but it’s never too late to start and God doesn’t give you problems, he gives you progress.

How to feel or remain confident and humble at the same time? 
I still struggle like everyone to be completely confident but I hope I can answer this properly haha… I guess it’s a balance of knowing that God took the time to create you and there’s nobody like you in the world and knowing that the day you stop learning is the day you die. Accepting and adjusting, working hard plus pushing yourself to grow, and being your own biggest competition helps. Keeps me driven, knowing that I’ve got to be grateful for every opportunity.
We are all created equal but what separates us is the decisions we make. There’s always going to be someone more hungry or driven if you allow it. There is space for everyone in the world but try and figure out your “why” in everything and what pleases God.

Are you single?
I had a feeling this might come up. Yes, but I’m so grateful and content

Did your day bring you all the things that made you smile? 
So thankful to everyone. All my friends came through for a good cause. I’m over the moon happy that we get to contribute in our little way to making this new normal a little bit more comfortable for the kids.

How to gain yourself again after some self-esteem issues? 
I’m no expert at all. Everyone has some form of self-esteem issue. None of us are anywhere near perfect but I feel healthy self talk is so important. What you think or say to yourself is so powerful. You also need to have patience and compassion for yourself. If you can be kind to others why can’t you speak to yourself with the same light and love?
Take it day by day, step by step. It’s daily practice to be responsible or be accountable for your thoughts and actions. Pray a lot and practice gratitude for every little thing. Try your best to get to the root of every issue that you have with yourself and others. Really think about what you are and what you want to be. What is your “why?” Then at your own pace, build the trust within yourself and take action.

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