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Distance learning memes all parents can relate to right now

We could all use a little laugh 

Most parents never expected they’d be in school again, and yet, here they are: the alphabet, the multiplication tables, and the order of colors in a rainbow. Parents have to go through the adjustments of distance learning, too.

But sometimes, we just have to learn how to laugh it off and take things in stride. After all, one thing that didn’t change this year is our ability to find humor in sticky situations. So parents, take a look at these hilarious distance learning memes. You’re definitely not alone.

Why does it seem like I’m the one enrolled?

Courtesy of Chao-Tiao Yumol/Facebook

The popular Bea Alonzo meme on moms’ minds these days: “Bakit parang ako ang naka-enroll?” Sorry, parents—but your kids need you more than ever. 

Homeschooling is easy. Said no one ever.

Courtesy of Mommy GL/Facebook

There is no uninterrupted workday for parents who work from home while their children study next to them. The constant barrage of questions and requests for help with schoolwork has some parents longing for the peace they had back in their physical office, but we must work with whatever we have, whenever and wherever.

You’re on your own, kid!

Courtesy of Mommy GL/Facebook

You’ve got good intentions, but it’s been a long time since you were in their shoes, and a lot has changed since then. (Don’t even get parents started on the new math methods.)

When tech issues start to come up

Courtesy of Homeschool for Dummies PH

Is there any panic quite like the one where you have to drop whatever you’re doing just to reconnect your child in his Zoom class? And then you realize you’re on camera, but not dressed for PTC? We’ve been there, and so have many parents and guardians.

Lowering our standards, one week at a time

Courtesy of Chickenwingsxzs/Twitter

2020, you’ve taken us from a goal of excelling to straight-up surviving. What’s next?

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